Signing Up

If you already have a DSR account/username, please DO NOT sign up with a second username- either the site can send you your password, or just email Wendy to re-set it!

Signing up for the Registry is as simple as filling out this form. Please note that the first four lines are REQUIRED fields. Beyond that, you can provide as much or as little information as you wish.

Please note that after you complete this step you will not be able to access the entire registry until you pay a $99.00 membership fee.

IMPORTANT: Only the information that is marked with a checkbox can be viewed by other Registry visitors. By checking or unchecking these boxes, YOU control what others can read about you.

Required Information

Additional Information

You in your own words...

You can share whatever you wish in this space. If you leave the "Make Public" box unchecked, then it will only be viewed by the people who run this site.

Contact Information

REMEMBER: Add a Posting to the Registry!

Only the admin can see your personal information page.

If you wish to make yourself open for mutual consent contact, you need to actually "Add a Posting" to the DSR.

Your matches may not feel comfortable responding to you if they do not see a post by you. Adding a posting and/or a facility is also explained in the "Need Help" page on the site.

Please, add your posting to the DSR after completing your registration!