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University of Florida Park Avenue Womens Center

3951 NW 48th Terrace, Suite 101 Gainesville, FL  32606  USA · 904-392-6200 · WWW

Park Avenue Women's Center

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unknown Started donating 1978. Stopped donating 1985. Medical Student. Doctor. Boy born 1978
Girl born 1980
Posted 07/13/17
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unknown Born Aug 1958. Started donating 1986. Stopped donating 1987. German. Height: 5'9". Weight: 150 lbs. Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. Advanced degrees in engineering and later medicine. Doctor. Catholic. This donor said he donated sperm at a University of Florida fertility center in 1986-1987, while a student there. I'm just guessing on the name of the place, not sure if there was more than one through the U of Florida back then. In CA,I gave birth to my daughter in 1992 using this same donor, who had moved from Florida to CA and was a donating sperm while in medical school here. I'm not sure if the donor provided the same information about himself to both sperm banks,but this is some of what he said: Allergic to penicillin and peanuts, and was allergic to rabbit hair as a kid. His parents had trouble conceiving and he was an only child. Grew orchids as a hobby, as did his parents. Minored in piano performance in college and had enjoyed playing piano his whole life. Was an active listener of symphony and opera performances. His fun came from music and being in the outdoors. Serious and sincere with high ideals. Many hobbies Loved studying the sciences, and enjoyed being an inventive, tinkering kind of researcher. Had become an engineer and enjoyed designing electrical and mechanical devices. Because of the career path he'd chosen, he thought he might not marry until later in life and might have a limited opportunity to have children of his own.It gave him satisfaction to know that a part of him would live on regardless. Girl born Mar 1992
Posted 01/20/13
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unknown Started donating Aug 3, 1984. Stopped donating Dec 20, 1984. Caucasion. Height: Approx. 6'. Weight: Approx 185. Light Brown Wavy hair. Green eyes. Medium complexion. Medical Intern at Shands Hospital in Gainesville,Fl. Physician. My mother's patient number is: 949 002 GC. I'm a Girl born Sep 1985
Posted 10/11/04
Updated on 09/03/08 by Srluther.
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unknown Started donating Jan 1, 1979. Stopped donating Jan 1, 1984. Caucasion. Height: 5'11. Weight: 155. Blood type A+. Brown Straight hair. Green eyes. Olive complexion. Medical?. Impulsive, spontanious, adventurous. I'm a Girl born Jul 10, 1983
Read message posted 04/10/04
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unknown Portuguese/Austrian/Irish. Height: 5'9. Weight: 155. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Olive complexion. UF. PharmD. Catholic. Donor was in the Doctorate of Pharmacy program. Large Portuguese Irish and Austrian Family. Family lived in Florida at the same. Catholic and very athletic. Boy born 1992
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unknown Born 1969. Started donating Jan 1996. Stopped donating Apr 1996. Caucasian. Height: 5'7. Weight: 115. Blood type A+. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Bachelor's degree. Accounting. Egg Donor
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Updated on 01/07/14 by KarenB.
Posted by Egg Donor
unknown Born Apr 27, 1988. Started donating 2012. Stopped donating 2014. Caucasian. Height: 5'3". Weight: 145. Blood type O+. Blonde Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Egg Donor
Posted 12/22/15
Updated on 06/29/16 by GainesvilleDonor.
Posted by Egg Donor
UNKNOWN PHD Physiology. Medical Doctor. Girl born 2000
Read message posted 11/18/11
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