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Dr. Velkoff, Dr. Abraham & Dr. Moyer (Atlanta, GA)

Decatur, GA  30033  USA

Drs. Velkoff and Moyer, offices in Colony Square, Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia. Affiliated with Emory University. Now retired.

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unknown MD or lawyer. Jewish. Emory University med or law student in the year 1974. I'm a Boy born Dec 24, 1974
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unknown I'm a Girl born Dec 14, 1953
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unknown Caucasian. Height: 5-10 - 6 - 1. Boy born Jun 29, 1980
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unknown I'm a Girl born Dec 7, 1967
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unknown Caucasian. Velkoff's donors were mostly medical or law students, maybe at Emory University. AI took place in Velkoff's Colony Square, Midtown office around July or August 1974. Donor may or may not have fit my adoptive father's description: Jewish with wavy dark hair. However, could also have been fair, as I have dark blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. I have O type blood, so donor could have had A, B, or O type blood, but not AB. I'm a Girl born Mar 20, 1975
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unknown Born 1952. Height: 5'11". Weight: 170. Blood type AB+. Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. MD. Jewish. Donated 1973-74, and 1980-81, hair was dark brown to black. Sperm Donor
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