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CReATe Fertility Centre

700 Bay St., Suite 1100 Toronto, ON  M5G 1N8  CAN · 416 323 7727 · WWW

Dr. Clifford Librach - Medical Director Other Doctors: Dr. Ari Baratz, Dr. Prati Sharma, Dr. Karen Glass

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unknown Born Feb 23, 1981. Started donating Apr 1, 2003. Stopped donating Jun 1, 2003. Caucasian. Height: 5'4. Blood type A+. Blonde Wavy hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. College degree. RMT. I did a shared donation in 2004 one child was conceived by one set of recipient parents. I am no longer anonymous with the canadian couple as they have received my contact information and contacted me. The other couple was possibly from California. I was told by known recipients that I was described as tall , thin, blonde and German in my profile. Egg Donor
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unknown Born 1979. Canadian. Height: 5'5". Weight: 108. Blood type A+. Brown hair. Brown eyes. High School/College. Paramedic?. Protestant. Was a bartender at the time of completing application forms. Boy born Sep 2006
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unknown Born 1982. Started donating May 2004. Stopped donating May 2004. Irish Canadian. Height: 5'2". Weight: 125. Strawberry Blond Wavy hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Getting high school. Has a son born in 2001. EGG DONOR. Girl born Dec 31, 2004
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unknown Born Feb 15, 1977. Started donating 2002. Stopped donating 2004. Height: 5.7 1/2. Weight: 125 lbs. Auburn Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. College: Business Marketing. Agnostic. Very dedicated, responsible, caring and generous. Donor's sister was also an egg donor-she thought this would be a wonderful thing to do. Girl born Jul 2003
Girl born Oct 2004
Boy born Oct 2004
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BGL 9814 Boy born Jun 22, 2008
Girl born Feb 19, 2011
Girl born Feb 19, 2011
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1220JL- OUR FAIRY GODMOTHER Born Apr 13, 1982. Started donating Aug 2009. English/Irish. Height: 5' 11". Weight: 130-139. Blood type A+. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. University BA English, history. Teacher/professor. Christian. Girl born Jun 2010
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2270 Caucasian, Russian, English. Height: 5'10". Weight: 155. Blood type AB+. Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. JD law. Law student; honors society. Jewish. Girl born Jun 2010
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6479 Born Apr 26, 1989. Started donating Jun 6, 2014. Indian and Irish. Height: 5'1. Weight: 118. Blood type O+. Dark Brown Wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. BA Kinesiology/BA Psychology/Cetificate in Rehabilitation Sciences. Religion:Other. Plays the piano, Danced for 6 years and figure skated for 5 years. Boy born Feb 2, 2015
Girl born Feb 2, 2015
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7027 (LITTLE MIRACLES AGENCY) Born Dec 28, 1991. Started donating Apr 1, 2016. Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, Irish. Height: 5'4". Weight: 145. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Masters Integrative Biology. Catholic. Special talents, can curl tongue, moderate artistic ability (sketching). Speaks English, elementary proficiency in German and French. Favourite foods are ice cream, chocolate, broccoli, pasta, nectarines. Favourite colour is sunset orange. She is introverted, friendly, good sense of humour and shy when she first meets someone. Boy born Feb 3, 2017
Girl born Aug 9, 2018
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140107 Born Sep 1988. White. Height: 5"1. Weight: 100. Blood type O+. Brown Wavy hair. Medium complexion. High school. Catholic. Boy born May 2016
Posted 05/06/18
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1709522 Caucasian. Height: 5'4''. Weight: 130. Blood type A+. Blonde hair. Green eyes. Masters. Singer. Christian. Goes to school in Toronto I believe. Mother is/was a foster mother. Part Native Canadian as well. Girl born Jun 23, 2019
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