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Beth Israel Hospital

Brookline Avenue Boston, MA  USA · WWW

Part of Harvard Medical School. Dr. Alberts and others ran a pilot program in donor insemination from approx. 1960 to the late 1970's. This hospital merged and is now Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, but the merger was long after the death of Dr. Alberts. Also called Boston IVF. Boston IVF/Boston Fertility Lab has a separate listing on this registry, please check that list too. Boston IVF states more than 30,000 babies born since 1986.

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unknown Doctor. Jewish. Medical student at Harvard University. I'm a Girl born Apr 30, 1955
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unknown Born Oct 27, 1954. Started donating Jan 1981. Stopped donating Jun 1983. English, Swedish, German. Height: 6'1". Weight: 224. Blonde Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Juris Doctor. Attorney. Began donating while studying for a Masters in Music at the Conservatory in Boston in 1982. Donated through Dr. Joan Golub, Dr. Berger, and Beth Israel Hospital. Sperm Donor
Posted 09/04/17
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unknown Probably a medical resident or intern. I'm a Girl born Sep 1965
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unknown Do not know any information about donor. Boy born Aug 6, 1977
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unknown Ashkenazi Jewish. I'm a Boy born Dec 18, 1980
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unknown Jewish. Ashkenazi Jewish; tall (my sister and I are both 5'10"); probably with curly hair; was most likely a med student according to our mom's OB/GYN, Dr. Derry. I'm a Girl born Jun 5, 1976
Girl born Oct 21, 1978
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unknown Jewish. Height: 5'9". Black Curly hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. Jewish. Boy 
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unknown Started donating 1968. Stopped donating 1973. Ashkenazi Jewish. Medical student/resident/doctor. Jewish. There are several of us who have found each other on Ancestry DNA - it seems that our donor was donating at least between 1968 and 1973. I'm a Girl born Sep 4, 1968
Girl born Feb 23, 1971
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unknown Harvard Medical School. Jewish. (Massachusetts) Donor Found! I am a Donor Conceived, donor is of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. Dr. Donald Peter Goldstein who is now at Brighams and Women/Beth Israel/Harvard was my mother's physician. At the time, it was a Harvard /Mass Children's Hospital/ Beth Israel project. Dr. Goldstein coordinated the DI procedure on my mother in the Summer of 1975. There may have been another doctor that performed or accompanied the procedure. According to my mother the other doctor was tall, young with dark hair. My blood is O+. At the time of conception, Dr. Goldstein told my mother that he was a Harvard Medical Student. I have yearbooks. Since meeting my biological father/donor, it is clear that many things said were blatantly untrue which can be confirmed via DNA. At the time of conception, which my mom recalled took place in a wing of Massachusetts Children's Hospital, across from Beth Israel, my mother also recalled a sanskrit prayer in English placed on the ceiling. In 1991, Dr. Goldstein told my mom and I that her/my file existed and said there was nothing in the file. In 1995, he said he can't find it. In 2011, he stated, "I have made an honest attempt to find the early records on your mother but they are nowhere to be found." His secretary was Ann Moran, who indicated to my mother they may have been in Iron Mountain Storage Facility. I live in Maryland and I work in public health. I would like to speak with anyone about this topic. Tiana. I'm a Girl born Mar 12, 1976
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unknown Born Jan 4, 1952. Started donating 1982. Stopped donating 1985. White, Irish. Height: 5 ft. 9 in. Weight: 135. Blood type A+. Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Harvard grad/postgrad. Writer, college professor. Catholic. Sperm Donor
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Updated on 09/03/08 by Amartin.
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unknown Born Aug 14, 1962. Started donating Jan 1, 1994. Stopped donating Jan 1, 1998. Caucasion (French Canadian, English). Height: 5'9". Weight: 210. Blood type O-. Dark Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Some college. Business License Analyst. Protestant. I donated at Boston IVF - Waltham. Egg Donor
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C. 1960 TO 1964 Started donating Dec 1960. Stopped donating Apr 1964. Anglosaxon. Height: 5'11". Weight: 178. Blood type B+. Blonde Curly hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Doctorate. Physician. Religion:Other. My family has high foreheads, dimples, often a cleft chin, great musical gifts, great reading gifts, depression. Sperm Donor
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C. 1965, JAN. OR FEB. Probably Jewish or Eastern European. Height: Prob tall. Medical school. Medical intern, resident or doctor. I'm a Girl born Oct 29, 1965
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C. 1972 Sperm came from Boston General Hospital. I was told that Boston hospital in the 70's used Medical interns as donors so assume the father is a Dr. or in the medical field. Girl born Jun 5, 1973
Posted 09/09/03
Updated on 09/03/08 by BobbieRae.
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C. 1973 Possibly Eastern European, possibly Jewish. Height: Tall. Dark Brown Straight hair. Dark Brown eyes. Medium complexion. I'm a Girl born Feb 8, 1974
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C. 1978 I'm a Girl born Jul 6, 1979
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C. 1981 Red hair. Harvard medical student/intern. I'm a Girl born Mar 26, 1982
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C. 1982 Caucasian. Fair complexion. Harvard Medical School. I'm a Girl born Oct 12, 1982
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C. 1984 Eastern European/ Jewish. Blood type B+. Light Brown Straight hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. Harvard Medical School. Physician. I'm a Boy born Feb 12, 1985
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C. 1989 Italian/irish. Blonde Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Harvord or M.I.T. Catholic. Girl born Dec 29, 1989
Girl born Dec 29, 1989
Posted 03/04/04
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UNKNOWN Ashkenazi Jewish. Dark Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. I'm a Girl born Aug 1976
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