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Cape Fertility Clinic

Cape Fertility Clinic Suite 204 Newlands Surgical Clinic Pick n' Pay Building Main Road Claremont Cape Town,  7708  ZAF · +27 21 674-2088/1 · WWW
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unknown Height: 1.75m. Weight: 70kg. Blood type A-. Light Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. I'm a Girl born Feb 2, 1991
Posted 02/28/19
Updated on 02/28/19 by Esmeralda.
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unknown Born Oct 15, 1985. Started donating Aug 2010. Stopped donating Aug 2010. European. Height: 165cm. Weight: 60kg. Blood type B+. Blonde Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. University Degree. Self-Employed. I donated my eggs twice in August 2010 at the Cape Fertility clinic with Dr. Wiswedel. I was 24 at the time. I'm naturally blond with blue green eyes and was a student in Cape Town at the time. The information that I'm German should have also been given to the recipients. I was told I'm donating for two couples who came to South Africa for IVF. One if the couples was Australian, the other I'm not sure, possibly American. I would love to share photos if a conception took place. I have my own family now (we don't have children and don't intend having any anytime soon) but I'd really like to know of any children that were possibly conceived. Anything else is up to the parents. Egg Donor
Posted 07/31/14
Updated on 07/31/14 by Sassiinsa.
Posted by Egg Donor
C439 Born 1989. Started donating Aug 2013. German / Satalinian / Scott /Mauritian. Height: 1.68m. Weight: 67.0k g. Brown Curly hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. The donor has mastered her tertiary education by earning her diploma in Make - up Artistry. She is currently working as a waitress, but she has previously worked in various industries which include Make-up Artistry, Customer Service and the Hospitality industry. Her ideal job would be to work in Public Relations. Christian. Boy born Apr 24, 2014
Read message posted 05/14/15
Updated on 05/14/15 by Usa2cape.
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CH 1453 Born 1989. South African. Height: 157cm. Weight: 55kg. Light Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Matric. IT Helpdesk Administrator. Christian. Donor lives in Johannesburg area, in early 2013 is married with 3 children girl 5 years boy 2 girl 4 months, code CH1453 is from Baby2Mom agency while service was provided to me at Cape Fertility Clinic in July 2012. Boy born Mar 15, 2013
Read message posted 07/31/13
Updated on 07/31/13 by Sydgal.
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E344 Boy born Jun 30, 2015
Read message posted 12/30/18
Updated on 12/30/18 by Sydgal.
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N Born Sep 1985. Stopped donating May 2006. German, English, Russian. Height: 5'9". Weight: 134. Blood type O+. Blonde Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. Grade 12. Waitress. Christian. Please describe your character (personality): confident, and happy, motivated, fun, and daring. Loving, caring, positive and ambitious. Please describe any special skills, talents and abilities you have: I'm good with numbers, drawing and designing clothing. I'm a fast learner. I'm very sporty and health conscious. Love going to gym and running. I love reading in order to learn more. Please describe your future goals (personal and career): I'm working in a restaurant in order to earn money to study. I want to study advertising management and i want to go for computer skills. I'm also interested in hair dressing. Girl born Jan 14, 2007
Girl born Jan 14, 2007
Read message posted 02/02/09
Updated on 02/02/09 by Baduteandeggs.
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NINA Born Jan 11, 1974. Started donating Apr 1, 2003. Caucasion. Height: 1.69m. Weight: 64kg. Blood type O-. Dark Brown Curly hair. Green eyes. Olive complexion. Bach of Science. Nina was my egg donor in Capetown, South Africa. I'd love to connect with her to update her on what blessings she has given to my family!. Boy born Sep 7, 2005
Boy born Sep 7, 2005
Girl born Sep 7, 2005
Posted 12/17/13
Updated on 12/17/13 by Vlee333.
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238 W Started donating Mar 10, 2007. Stopped donating Mar 10, 2010. Height: 189. Blonde Curly hair. Blue eyes. Olive complexion. Film + media. His favourite person in the world is his mother. Girl born Jul 13, 2009
Read message posted 05/23/20
Updated on 05/23/20 by Shilo.
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258W Child born 2011
Posted 03/27/15
Updated on 05/10/17 by Soozie.
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524 Born Dec 1981. Started donating Dec 2009. Caucasian. Height: 157 cm. Weight: 57kg. Blood type B+. Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Girl born Mar 2011
Posted 12/29/13
Updated on 12/29/13 by Sugus13.
Posted by Parent
643 Started donating 2010. South African. Boy born Sep 5, 2011
Girl born Sep 5, 2011
Posted 06/02/14
Updated on 06/15/14 by BlakeElla.
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  Born Sep 1986. Started donating Jan 11, 2011. Black. Height: 177. Weight: 63. Egg Donor
Posted 06/23/14
Updated on 07/19/16 by Gabbiemak.
Posted by Egg Donor
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