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Midland Fertility Services

Aldridge,  GBR
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unknown Started donating 1994. Stopped donating 1992. White. Dark Brown hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Under-graduate teaching. Radical, liberal, non-judgmental, strong, determined, sensitive, caring, considerate. Generous (extravagant), humanist, kind, atheist, non-smoker, tea, totally balanced. Dislikes competitive sports, games, refuses to dance, high moral values, great love of arts. Occasionally very grumpy- but not for long, dislikes disorder, parties, pubs, night club. Good singing voice, handsome, intelligent, hard working. Witty, amusing, happy, extravert, eccentric. Hates gardening, loves cooking, and loves children. Impeccable taste, well groomed. Small, but beautifully proportioned. Own children. I'm a Girl born Jun 1, 1993
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E4130 White British. Height: 5 foot 8. Dark Brown hair. Blue eyes. Security. Religion:Other. Atheist/humanist. Boy born Jun 2006
Girl born May 21, 2010
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LH074 White. Height: 1.87. Weight: 92. Red hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Student. Girl born 2002
Boy born 2004
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LH447 White. Height: 6 feet. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Boy born 2005
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1421 "DANE" Height: 6. Blood type A+. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Engineer. The donor has children of his own and donated to Cyros in Denmark. I imported to The Midland Fertility clinic in UK. I have limited information on the donor as it was pre law change and UK do not supply as much information as other countries allow. I have a sure way of identification as the donor wrote a "saying" in with his profile. Would love to hear from other siblings/parents and of course one day from the donor who gave the biggest gift ever, the gift of life. I have a wonderful 7 year old son from this donor. Please get in touch so I can share info to ensure a match X. Boy born Oct 16, 2005
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