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San Francisco Center for Reproductive Medicine

San Francisco, CA  n/a  USA · n/a

Sperm doners from medical students Dr. Robert Nachtigall merged with UCSF?

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unknown Started donating May 1985. Stopped donating Jul 1985. Caucasian. Height: Taller than 5'10". Weight: Slender build. Fair complexion. I am looking for the kind man who donated for my parents to conceive me and my twin brother. From what I have been told: this man was a medical student at the time of the donations in 1985 and was near San Francisco. Dr. Nachtigall has said that he selected these donors from his medical school classes. When I spoke with Dr. Nachtigall several years ago, he stated that he had seen our biological father since that time and believed him to still reside in California. My mother described our donor as being tall (likely 6 feet or slightly taller), sandy blonde hair, and slender build (I must have gotten that from him!). I have also been told he was a runner at that time. I am not looking for a new father, but rather looking to connect with this person to discover any similiarities and thank him for the gift he gave my parents so many years ago. I'm a Girl born Apr 25, 1986
Posted 01/10/15
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unknown European. Height: 6'4". Dark Brown hair. Brown eyes. Girl born Nov 1984
Posted 11/29/05
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STEPHANIE 228 Started donating Feb 1, 1993. Stopped donating Apr 1, 1994. White. Height: 5'5". Blood type A+. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Egg Donor
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36 Started donating 1993. Sicilian, Irish, English. Height: 6' 4". Weight: 190. Brown Straight hair. Green eyes. Olive complexion. UCSF. Catholic. Girl born Aug 15, 1994
Boy born Feb 21, 1996
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54 Born Aug 18, 1965. Started donating Aug 1, 1995. Stopped donating May 1, 1996. Caucasian. Height: 5'10". Weight: 165 pounds. Blood type O+. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. B.S. in Engineering, M.S. in Engineering, Ph.D. in Engineering, M.D. (UCSF). Medical Doctor, Electrical Engineer. Protestant. I donated only a few times in 1995-1996. I was a medical student at UCSF at the time. I believe that Dr. Nachtigall was the main doctor in charge. Sperm Donor
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1003 Born Jun 18, 1976. Started donating Aug 2000. Stopped donating Apr 2002. Height: 5'7". Blood type A-. Brown Curly hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. High school graduate. Christian. I know of 4 live births resulting from my 5 donations. There may be others I am unaware of. One child was due in 10/01. A set of triplets were born in 6/02, who I am in contact with. If any other offspring would care to find me for contact or just wanted/needed information, I am open to any level of contact, direct or remaining anonymous. Also, if they wish to find their half-offspring, either from my other donations or my own children, I will help you any way that I can. I donated at Pacific Fertility Center, but it is also known as San Francisco Center for Reproductive Medicine. Egg Donor
Girl born 1994
Girl born 1999
Girl born 2008
Girl born 2010
Posted 03/03/06
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