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NOTE: Information shown below has been voluntarily submitted by individuals interested in establishing mutually desired contact between half-siblings and/or donors (genetic relatives).

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unknown Born 1982. White British. Height: 1.80. Weight: 70. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Various. No Religion (Atheist). Siblings born 2005-9. Boy born Dec 5, 2005
Posted 02/22/20
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unknown Born 1963. White British/ Scottish. Height: 1.80m/ 5"11. Weight: 76 kg. Blood type A+. Dark Brown Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. BSC in Maths and Computer Science. IT Analyst. 'Generally very easy going but can be very determined when my belief is strong. Was only average at school until 11 or 12 after which obviously did very well; much more numerate than literate. Enjoy playing most sports and reasonably good at ones requiring a lot of stamina. Most important lesson learned in life 'believe in what you feel'. Has 3 children of his own. Medium build. Girl born Apr 20, 2011
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unknown Born 1964. White british. Height: 1.75m. Weight: 83kg. Blood type A-. Dark Brown Curly hair. Grey eyes. Fair complexion. Engineering diploma?. Postman. No Religion (Atheist). (Sperm donor) This donor (in addition to my 3 children) had 10 donor-conceived children 3 female and 3 male born 2007 1 female and 2 male born 2009 and 1 female born 2010 The donor had mild asthma and hay fever and mild colour blindness. Egg Donor
Girl born 2007
Girl born 2007
Boy born 2012
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unknown Born 1965. White British (but father Turkish). Height: 1.73. Weight: 76kg. Blood type O+. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Girl born 2008
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unknown Height: 5 11. Weight: Medium. Blood type A+. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. Degree , Charterd Accountancy. Management Consultant. Christian. Thoughtful person. Look for the positive in situations. Talkative and sociable . Dry sense of humour. Quite adventurous and interested in new things. Boy born 2008
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E140 Caucasian (British). Height: 5'10" / 178cm. Weight: 72 Kg. Dark Brown hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. Degree in Philosophy. Computer Operator. Green/brown eyes. Self description given: "A fairly active, serious-type person who participates in many sports and enjoys playing the piano and guitar.". I'm a Girl born Jun 9, 1994
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E3015/OP Caucasian British. Height: 6ft 2inches. Weight: Slim Build. Blood type O+. Light Brown hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. Three years Polytechnic. Driver. Good sense and humour and is likeable. Girl born May 29, 1998
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E4017/OP British. Height: 5'11''. Blood type O+. Dark Brown hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. HND Hotel management, professional French Language Qualifications, 7 O'levels. Customs Officer. No Religion (Atheist). Optimistic, good natured, strong sense of justice, generous and occasionally forgetful. Girl born Jan 16, 2000
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E4019 Caucasian. Height: 6 foot. Weight: 65 kg. Blood type A+. Dark Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Medium complexion. Diplomas in accounting / marketing. Accountant. His mother has light brown hair and green eyes, and his dad, dark brown hair and green eyes. Girl born Jan 23, 2000
Girl born Mar 21, 2002
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E4078 Caucausian. Height: 5.11. Weight: 10.5 stones. Blood type O+. Blonde hair. Brown eyes. 9 'O' Levels, 3 @A' Levels, Maths degree in progress. Fireman/Mature Student. Looking for the Sperm Donor or any siblings conceived by the donor. Boy born Oct 18, 2006
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E4095/AP Scottish. Height: 6 ft 1. Weight: Slim build. Blood type A+. Light Brown hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Medical Degree(s). Doctor (Anaesthiatist). Roman Catholic. Medical Degree, Scotland 8 O grades / 5 H grades. Personality Profile Provided: Caring professional, balancing work and family life, dry sense of humour, in mood never too up and never too down. Girl born Jun 14, 2004
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E4125/OP Caucasion. Height: 193cm. Weight: 98kg. Blood type O+. Brown Curly hair. Grey eyes. Fair complexion. No Religion (Atheist). Girl born 2006
Posted 05/21/11
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E4152/ON White British. Height: 1.8m. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. GCSE's studied psychology 2007. Retail Manager. Religion - spiritual belief/humanist Hair was dark blonde I know that in 2007 there were 2 F births and 2 M births. Boy born Dec 11, 2006
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M270 Columbian, South American. Height: 5,7. Weight: 56 kg. Blood type O-. Black Curly hair. Dark Brown eyes. Medium complexion. Student (computing). Catholic. Easy going, friendly. Boy born May 25, 2004
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