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Dr. Korn, Gerald (Canada)

Vancouver, BC  CAN

Dr. Korn Retired

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unknown No Donor Information Donor Offspring Female Light brown curly/wavy hair, blue eyes, 5 foot 5 inches, medium build My blood type is A- Donor blood type would be A or AB based on my mother’s blood type (O) Born: February 1981 Conception: Approximately May 1980 No information about donor Have done DNA testing with a few other offspring and one donor from Dr. Korn’s Clinic with no matches (done in Vancouver, BC approx. 2005); have done Ancestry and 23andme with 3 half-sister matches :). I'm a Girl born Feb 1981
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unknown Born Jul 29, 1963. Started donating 1985. Irish, French and Austrian. Height: 6'4". Blood type B+. Blonde Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. US Marines, worked on Ships. Catholic. I'm a Girl born Sep 16, 1987
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unknown I'm a Boy born Jul 1985
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unknown No known information on donor other than may have been a doctor. From what I've read it could have been a med student as that seems to be the most common donor info. The information I received from my mother was vague. I am Caucasian male, thick brown hair, slight auburn tint (straight when short, gets very poofy and somewhat wavy when longer), blueish gray eyes, slight point on tops of ears, rectangular face shape with defined jaw line. Medium build, around 180 lbs, broad shoulders with large traps. Very long arms. GEDmatch UV9653170, 23andme paternal haplogroup is I-L205.1. I'm a Boy born Mar 28, 1985
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unknown I don't know anything about the donor except that he was likely a med student at UBC (although that seems to be what everyone hears!). I am an only child, fair complexion, 5'4" with straight brown hair and hazel eyes. Based one 23andme I'm mostly Western European with some Eastern European. I have added my results to I am interested in learning about any half siblings and/or the donor. Thanks!. I'm a Girl born Dec 1, 1979
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unknown Caucasian. Height: >5'9" requested. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Med student. Donation provided ~July 8, 1983 (same day as conception). My characteristics: fair complexion, left-handed, dark brown wavy hair, blue-grey eyes, upturned nose, can't whistle or fold my tongue, widow's peak, slightly clefted chin, 5'6", O+, chubby, scientific/analytical, introvert. I'm a Girl born Mar 21, 1984
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unknown "UBC med student" is all we've been told about our donor. As fraternal twins, some shared trait different from the rest of our family might reflect our donor. We both have very fair skin, straight brown to dark blonde hair, blue-grey eyes, slim build, very flexible joints. Inclined toward science and writing. We both have done 23andme DNA testing, and have uploaded results to; kit numbers: M379904 and M886951; Y-chromosome haplogroup: R1b1b2a1a. I've also tested with Family Tree DNA and Ancestry mostly Northwestern European, especially British Isles. Family trees of donor-side distant cousins suggest possible roots in Newfoundland, England, and the United States. Our blood types are O- and (I think) A+, and our mother's is O-, so our donor should probably be A+ (with A/O and +/- genotype). Our younger sister had a different donor, and has tested on FTDNA. GEDmatch kit number: T433497. I'm a Girl born Nov 25, 1986
Boy born Nov 25, 1986
Girl born Oct 18, 1989
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unknown I'm a Boy born Mar 1, 1984
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unknown I'm a Boy born Jun 1, 1988
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unknown Caucasian. Height: 5'11". Weight: 168 lbs. Blood type O+. Blonde hair. Hazel eyes. University Graduate. Musician. Donor Information: Caucasian, 5'11", 168 lbs. Sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes. O Rh+ blood type. University graduate, and a professional musician Given rise to 10 offspring, 4 of which are siblings. I'm a Girl born Jan 2, 1988
Posted 09/15/16
Updated on 09/16/16 by JLJANUARY.
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unknown Donor info: UBC/SFU Student. 1st Donated in Jul/Aug 1986 (miscarriage) there were 2 donations made in a one week period, donor showed up for both. 2nd donation made in October 1986 (which resulted in me) there were supposed to be 2 donations made in a 1 week period but donor only showed for the first appointment. Offspring info: I have recently found out I am a donor offspring baby. I just received the results through 23 and me with no current matches. - I have light straight brown/sandy hair, Blue eyes, 5'9 3/4, big boned - large feet (size 10 1/2-11 women's) Large hands too. A+ Blood Type, 100% European background, mostly eastern Europe and UK (according to 23 and me), I have a career in "sciences/health". I'm a Girl born Jul 28, 1987
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unknown Born Nov 16, 1983. Started donating 1983. British. Height: 5'10". Weight: 170. Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. We don't know much because Dr. Lorn is super secretive. Girl born Nov 16, 1983
Posted 04/17/16
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unknown Started donating 1983. Stopped donating May 1987. German/Polish (was told French Canadian). Height: 5'7' (was told 5'9'). Blood type B+. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Took chef's training course. Works in music/arts. Found/met donor through yahoo group ( Told there were at least two other registered pregnancies with this donor. Joined Family Tree DNA. Dr. Korn gave some false information, so not all info may match. I'm a Girl born Jul 18, 1986
Posted 11/22/12
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unknown Boy born Jul 2, 1981
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unknown I'm looking for my biological father and siblings. Characteristics of my father might have been tall, around 5'11"-6', dark brown hair, green/brown eyes, medium build and caucasian. I am 5'9", slim build, brown eyes, wavy brown hair (coloured black in my photos), caucasian. I was conceived December 31st, 1987 born Sept 28 1988. My donor may have been a medical student at Vancouver General Hospital. I have attached a few photos of me and also one with my mother to view. I'm a Girl born Sep 28, 1988
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unknown Blood type A+. Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. I was told that donor was a med. student at UBC. Boy born Mar 27, 1996
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unknown Caucasian. Height: 6'2". Weight: 205. Blood type A+. Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. PhD +. Clinician / business owner / researcher. No Religion (Atheist). I donated extensively between 1982 and 1991, although frozen sperm may have been used longer. I was told by the clinic that recipients were from BC, AB, WA and ID. At least two sets of parents received a second donation. I donated while a psychology student (undergrad and PhD). Sperm Donor
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unknown Born Nov 20, 1957. Started donating 1981. Stopped donating 1983. Caucasian. Height: 5'8". Weight: 190. Light Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. PhD. Psychologist. Sperm Donor
Posted 01/08/14
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unknown Born Nov 19, 1963. Started donating Sep 30, 1995. Stopped donating Jun 30, 1999. Caucasian. Height: 5' 10". Weight: 170. Light Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. MD. Physician. Christian. I am a former UBC medical student who donated my sperm between 95 & 99 (I can't remember which of those years specifically) Dr. Gerald Korn was the director of the Andrology Lab then. I would be thrilled to meet my son or daughter. Sperm Donor
Posted 06/16/19
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unknown Caucasian. I'm a Girl born Dec 17, 1983
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unknown Height: 6'1" ?. Brown hair. Blue eyes. UBC. Doctor?. I'm a Girl born Aug 20, 1992
Girl born Dec 24, 1993
Girl born Apr 7, 1996
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unknown Boy born Jan 1995
Posted 04/21/10
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unknown Boy born Jun 1992
Posted 04/21/10
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unknown Girl born Mar 6, 1990
Posted 02/03/10
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unknown Height: About 6'. Blue eyes. A medical student or a doctor at the time, possibly a surgeon, at Van General Hospital I think. Caucasian, brown or black hair. I'm a Girl 
Posted 12/22/04
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unknown I'm a Girl born Jun 20, 1980
Boy born Oct 28, 1977
Girl born Feb 27, 1976
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unknown Started donating 1980. Northern european. Height: 6'3". Weight: Slim. Blood type O+. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Philosophy student. Slim, "handsome",northern European, known to be half siblilngs. Seeking Vancouver clinic, Gerald Korn donors, offspring, info 1979-83. Girl born Aug 16, 1981
Read message posted 11/21/03
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C. 1978 Brown hair. Medical Student. I'm a Girl born Aug 26, 1979
Posted 08/11/03
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C. 1979 TO 1981 Born Apr 29, 1953. Started donating Sep 1, 1979. Stopped donating Aug 31, 1981. English scottish. Height: 5' 9". Weight: 135. Blood type O+. Black Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. M.D. Psychiatrist. Not 100% sure of dates. Sperm Donor
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C. 1980 (1) I'm a Girl born Apr 17, 1981
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C. 1980 (3) Caucasian. Height: 5'7". Weight: 165. Blood type O+. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Medical Student at Vancouver General Hospital. Donor had green/blue eyes. I supposedly have 3 half siblings with the same donor. I am 5'1" average build with broad shoulders. Blue/green eyes with a strange yellowish ring around the iris. Blood type O+. My DNA is on file with 23 and me as well as FTDNA (Family Tree DNA). I'm a Girl born Oct 3, 1980
Posted 07/26/03
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C. 1980, 1984 (UNKNOWN BROTHERS) Donor's brother also donated to the same clinic. The brother's donation was used to father my sister in Feb 1984. I'm a Boy born Jul 1981
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C. 1981 (1) Caucasian. Possibly a UBC med/physics student. I'm a Boy born Jul 22, 1982
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C. 1981 (2) Most likely a medical student. I'm a Girl born Oct 18, 1981
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C. 1981 (3) Height: 5'10". Blood type A+. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. I am hoping to find my half-siblings. I wish I had a donor number, but I don't think Dr. Korn knows which donor went to whom. I have no health history.I have already had DNA tests with 2 other potential half-siblings which came out negative, and I know of several other children and adults from Dr. Korns clinic that are from the ages 10 and up. I'm a Girl born 1982
Posted 05/22/03
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C. 1981, 1987, 1990 Girl born Jun 1982
Boy born Oct 1987
Boy born May 1991
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C. 1983 (1) European. Height: 6'. Brown Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. UBC med student. I'm a Boy born Apr 13, 1984
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C. 1983 (2) Writer?. Blonde hair Above average IQ Was in BC at the time Contributed to at least 4 other births. I'm a Boy born Apr 24, 1984
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C. 1983 (3) European. Height: 5'10" approx. Light Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Girl born Nov 16, 1983
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C. 1983 (4) Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Medical Student or a doctor at the time. I'm a Girl born Jan 10, 1984
Posted 02/10/08
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C. 1984 (1) Height: Over 6'. Brown hair. I'm a Girl born Oct 13, 1984
Posted 05/22/03
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C. 1984 (2) Started donating Jul 19, 1983. Stopped donating Sep 4, 1984. Caucasian. Blue eyes. UBC medical student. Has good eyes and good teeth. Made the donation the day I was concieved sept.4.84. I'm a Girl born May 31, 1985
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C. 1984 (3) Started donating Dec 12, 1983. Stopped donating Jan 15, 1984. Medical Student or Internship. Girl born Jul 21, 1984
Boy born Jul 21, 1984
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C. 1985 TO 1988 Born Jun 7, 1953. Started donating Jan 2, 1985. Stopped donating Dec 27, 1988. Caucaisan. Height: 6 ft. Weight: 190 lbs. Blood type A-. Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. B.Sc Engineering. Professional Engineer. Protestant. Sperm Donor
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C. 1986 Father apparently had brown hair, blue eyes and may have been a medical student or doctor at the time. One thing interesting about the father was there was no known diseases or "acne". Daughter has B- blood type. Girl born Jul 13, 1987
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C. 1986 TO 1991 Born Sep 5, 1957. Started donating Jun 1986. Stopped donating Feb 1991. Caucasian English. Height: 6' 2. Weight: 160. Blood type B+. Brown Curly hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Art school drop out. Designer. Working professional. Sperm Donor
Posted 12/09/08
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C. 1988 Started donating May 1988. Caucasian. Height: Probably 5'10" or so. Blood type O+. Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Donor's family may have history of celiac disease. Girl born Feb 1989
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C. 1988, 1989, 1991 Girl born Jan 23, 1989
Boy born Aug 24, 1990
Boy born May 25, 1992
Posted 02/09/08
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C. 1988,1990 Height: 6'. Blood type O+. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Graduate of Architectural College. Boy born 1988
Boy born 1990
Posted 07/08/03
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C. 1990 Brown hair. Brown eyes. We are assuming donor had brown hair and brown eyes as were told they would match hair and eye color to my husband. That is all the information we were told. Daughter was conceived April 1990 with frozen sperm. Pictures of daughter and picture of mom and daughter. Girl born Dec 1990
Posted 03/20/08
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C. 1991, 1992 Boy born Oct 8, 1991
Boy born May 21, 1993
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C. 1994 Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Boy born Mar 1995
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C. 1994 & 1997 Czech. Height: 6'. Blood type A-. Light Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Forensic Studies Student. Girl born 1994
Girl born 1997
Posted 06/19/03
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C. 1997-1998 Height: 5 feet 10 inches. Weight: 180. Blood type A+. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Honor Student in Physics. Blood type A RL positive. Boy born Feb 18, 1997
Girl born Oct 9, 1998
Read message posted 06/19/03
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KORN MATCH #2 Fair complexion. Med student. Vancouver. I'm a Girl born Oct 1983
Boy born Oct 1983
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  Stopped donating 1989. Tall. Daughter is 5'10". Son is 6'2". Blue eyes and green eyes. Daughter has dark brown, wavy hair. Son has straight light brown hair. Daughter blood is A+ and son is 0+. Mother is A-. Stopped donating probably around June/July 1989. There are photos of son and daughter for members only. The only sure way to know of matches is DNA testing. My daughter went through and used the Family Finder kit around $100. I have uploaded the DNA results from Family Tree DNA to GEDmatch. Girl born Sep 6, 1988
Boy born Dec 19, 1990
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  Caucasian. UBC med student. I'm a Boy born Nov 1983
Read message posted 10/30/13
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KORN MATCH#1 I am searching for my biological father and/or half siblings. Insemination done by Dr. Gerald Korn in Vancouver BC in 1987. I am a female born on April 8, 1988. Brown eyes and brown curly hair. I am 5'7. Donor may have been a post secondary student at UBC or another university. and may also have a Hungarian background. any inquiries are welcome. I am desperate to find out any information. I'm a Girl born Apr 8, 1988
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  Caucasian. Height: Over 6'. Donated in early July of 1985. During pregnancy, donor was tested (quite possibly while in Alberta) for thalassemia minor. Donor was "relieved" to find out test result was negative. Donated again (upon request) in middle of January of 1988. All charateristics unknown except donor is probably over 6' tall. I'm a Boy born Apr 3, 1986
Girl born Oct 18, 1988
Posted 08/26/08
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  Born Aug 2, 1956. Started donating Nov 15, 1981. Stopped donating Jul 16, 1990. Montenegrin, Hungarian, German. Height: 6'1". Weight: 215. Blood type A+. Dark Brown Wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. BSc Mathematics. Software Engineer. No Religion (Atheist). Finished high school a year early. Shy, socially inept, musical zero but enjoyed drawing, could have become an artist. Rowing, triathlons in mid-20s, 190 lbs. INTJ. Objectivist Philosophy. Sperm Donor
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UNKNOWN Born Jul 26, 1951. Started donating Jun 9, 1984. Stopped donating Jan 5, 1986. White - 50% Scottish 50% English. Height: 6'. Weight: 170 lbs. Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. BSc in Biological Sciences (First Class Honors) with a Minor in Archeology. Marketing Consultant; Photographer. Agnostic. have 2 daughters, ages 20 & 24, from my second marriage; no children from first marriage. Sperm Donor
Child born Mar 2, 1985
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105 Dutch, Ukrainian. Height: 6'0. Weight: 180. Blood type B+. Dark Brown Straight hair. Green eyes. Olive complexion. I'm a Girl born Dec 5, 2001
Posted 05/15/18
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  Boy born Mar 1999
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  British, Scottish, Ukranian, Dutch. Height: 6'. Weight: 180 lbs. Blood type B+. Dark Brown Straight hair. Green eyes. Electrical Engineer. Now married with children of his own. Boy born Jul 1997
Posted 03/20/06
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110 Caucasian, scottish background. Height: 6'. Weight: 195. Blood type B+. Brown hair. Blue eyes. College degree marketing. Sales rep in wood (or wool?) industry. Boy born 2002
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There are a total of 85 offspring, 11 sibling matches, and 3 donor to offspring matches from this Clinic.