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Washington Fertility Study Center

2600 Virginia Avenue, NW Washington, DC  20037  USA · 202-333-3100

closed in 1999, stock sold to other banks (GIVF/Fairfax eventually ended up with 1999 active donors specimens when they bought out the smaller sperm banks). CLI sold some of this stock that was bought when Washington Fertility Study Center closed, so check there for matches too.

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unknown I'm a Girl born Mar 10, 1982
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unknown Italian-American. Height: 5'9". Weight: 130. Blood type A+. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Olive complexion. Dentist. Roman Catholic. Donation was made in late 1970s in Washington, DC. My mom purchased sperm in 1978. Donor was a dental student at time of donation. Donor was from New Jersey and I was told he returned to New Jersey after completion of dental school to start his practice. His parents were 49 (dad) and 47 (mom) at time of his donation. They were both noted to be in good health except for arthritis in his mom. Donation was made at Washington Fertility Study Center (WFSC). WFSC has now closed. Records from WFSC have been transferred to the Fertility and Reproductive Health Center of Annandale Virginia which has merged with Washington Fertility Center. Thus, I have posted both under WFSC and Washington Fertility Center. I do not have a donor number. I'm a Girl born May 29, 1979
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unknown Caucasian; English descent. college student, possibly at George Washington University. I am a 34 year old female offspring looking for any information about my biological father or possible half siblings. I was conceived in Oct. 1982 with sperm which was donated at the Washington Fertility Study Center. I was born July 15, 1983 at the George Washington Hospital. I have the following information about my donor: he donated sperm at the Washington Fertility Study Center and may have fathered a few children as he donated sperm for several months prior to my conception; Dr. Salvatore Leto, a psychologist, was affiliated with this clinic and interviewed my mother who is Polish and Slovakian. The donor was 22 in 1982, probably born around 1960, a college student, of specifically English descent; he had A blood type or O blood type and his father and sibling had a history of hypertension--but he was negative at the time. I was told he was really friendly by my mother who spoke with the office staff. I am 5'3", olive skin, blue/green eyes, and enjoy working with people. I have light/medium brown wavy hair. I am A+ blood type as is my mother. I am left handed and enjoyed playing sports growing up. This donor would be in his late 50s/ early 60s today. I'm a Girl born Jul 15, 1983
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unknown Born Jun 7, 1953. Started donating 1976. Stopped donating 1977. Italian-English. Height: 5'9. Weight: 150. Blood type A+. Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Olive complexion. MD. Physician. Catholic. Sperm Donor
Posted 12/17/06
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unknown Born Jan 1962. Started donating Sep 1989. Stopped donating Jul 1992. Northern European. Height: 6-2. Weight: 175. Brown Straight hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Stanford and Rice Universities. Architect. Sperm Donor
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223? Born Sep 4, 1948. Started donating 1979. Stopped donating 1982. 3/4 British and 1/4 Dutch/German. Height: 6'0". Weight: 185 lbs. Blood type O+. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Filmmaker (at the time). This donor was not mine, though I initially believed so. I had the chance of communicating briefly with him before he left the site (he has no posting of his own). He had an IQ of 187, was educated and accomplished in journalism, business, and computer science, and had a high success rate for producing females. There should be 10-12 total donor offspring. Unfortunately, he passed away on April 21, 2015 from pancreatic cancer. I'm happy to answer any questions about who he is and connect you with his family. His nephew is on 23andme, so you can find out if this is your donor by testing on that site (the nephew will come up as your first cousin). I was born Feb 12, 1980
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225 Born Mar 15, 1959. Started donating Sep 1, 1978. Stopped donating Jan 1, 1990. Irish/Irish. Height: 5'9". Weight: 135. Blood type A+. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. MBA. Financial Analyst. Catholic. Sperm Donor
Boy born Feb 1982
Girl born Feb 1982
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359? Started donating Jul 1988. German/Scottish. Height: Medium. Weight: Medium. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Med School. Physician. Girl born Nov 1, 1989
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385 Born Sep 14, 1955. Height: 6'1". Weight: 175. Blood type AB+. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Graduate School/ Med Student. Catholic. Other talents: Singing, Public Speaking, Teaching. Boy born Jan 19, 1985
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438 Born Mar 29, 1948. Started donating Jan 1, 1983. Stopped donating Dec 31, 1988. Scandinavian. Height: . Weight: 185. Blood type O+. Brown Wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. B.A. (University graduate). Narrator. Religion:Other. Update (May, 2006): The former daily operator of the Wash. Fertility STUDY Center has now decided that, since he is in retirement, he has changed his mind and no longer wants to be involved with dealing with any remnants of his former facility, which closed in 1999. He says he now no longer has any past records and sold all his records to the Minnesota Cbank, which, in turn, was bought out by Fairfax Cbank's owners. Both facilities told me in early May, 2006 that they only received the records of the ACTIVE frozen sperm sold to them by the Wash. Fert. STUDY Center when it closed in 1999. So, no one claims to hold the pre-1999 records. I might only suggest that donors/recepients/offspring and siblings keep an eye on the Donor Sibling Registry under the Washington Fertility STUDY Center listing to see who may list in the future and might make your match. Sperm Donor
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493? Italian. Height: 5'10. Weight: 165. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Bachelors and Masters Degrees from George Wahington University. I believe his major to be Business Adminstration, born around 1960 or later. I was told by the director after my daughter eyes turned blue (mine are too) that the donor had a sister with blue eyes. Blood type would be either o+ or b+. Girl born Feb 7, 1988
Posted 10/19/03
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525 Born Dec 26, 1957. English-Russian. Height: 5'-11". Weight: 185lbs. Blood type A+. Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. Business major. Mortgage banker. Jewish. Outgoing, will attempt to fix anything. Boy born 1991
Posted 07/10/07
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579 English/ swedish. Height: 6 '2. Weight: 170. Blood type A+. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Student-economics. Student from GWU or Georgetown U?. Girl born Sep 1994
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610 Born Jan 7, 1962. Eng/Norw/Finn. Height: 6' 3". Weight: 165. Blood type A-. Brown hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Professional school for Architecture, Graduate school for fine arts. Architect. No Religion (Atheist). I'm a Girl born Sep 12, 1993
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655 Born Dec 27, 1965. English and Czechoslovakian. Height: 5'10". Weight: 165. Blood type O+. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. Law and Society. Baptist. He was from Oklahoma, went to American University for Law and Society. Boy born Jun 22, 1993
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782 Born Sep 19, 1967. Started donating Mar 1, 1991. Stopped donating Aug 1, 1992. Polish / Irish / German. Height: 6'4". Weight: 205. Blood type B+. Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. College graduate. Sales. Catholic. I originally donated to the Washington Fertility Study Center where my donations were available from 1992-1999, they closed and sold my remaining frozen sperm to Cryogenic Laboratories where they were available around 2005-2012. Sperm Donor
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810 Jewish. Blood type A+. Boy born May 5, 1999
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838 GERMAN/IRISH. Height: 6' 3". Weight: 200. Blood type A+. Light Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. College Student. Student. Notes he is and Ex-Marine This donor was transferred to GIVF/Fairfax Cryobank in Fairfax, VA in 1999 when WFSC closed. The donor number was kept the same # 838. So children with this donor number from ALL THREE facilities should all be siblings. Girl born Mar 1995
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918 Born Dec 23, 1971. Irish/German. Height: 5'9. Weight: 162. Blood type A+. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. College. Psychology. Catholic. Worked as a lifeguard and pool operator during the summer. Maternal grandparents were alive at tiem of donation *83 and 84 years old), Paternal grandfather passed at age 60 from a heart attack, paternal grandmother was still alive at time of donation (age 76) Both parents were listed as living; his father was of irish descent, his mother was german. Donor was also a blood donor, non-smoker, moderate alcohol consumed (hey, he was in college at the time!) and had planned on going on to Grad school. Donor's father possibly from Baltimore MD, Donor's mother possibly from Montgomery County, MD (info inadvertantly put on the forms he filled out). Girl born Mar 11, 1996
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933 Born 1964. Started donating 1994. Stopped donating 1995. Height: 6'2". Weight: 170. Light Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. BS in Geology; Masters in Environmental Studies. Worked in environmental policy. Born in DC; Fulbright scholar; Father was a fundraiser, mother was an antiques dealer; mother born in Belgium; not sure of exact donation dates. Girl born Dec 1997
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935? Born Sep 1969. Started donating 1994. Stopped donating 1994. White/Caucasion. Height: 6' 8". Weight: 210. Blood type B+. Black Straight hair. Hazel eyes. Medium complexion. B.S. Self-employed. I love chocolate. I have always been told that I am constantly looking for a way around the rules. Sperm Donor
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957 Child
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969 Born Apr 27, 1968. Caucasian. Height: 5-7. Weight: 145. Blood type A+. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Masters-Georgetown. Economist. I'm a Girl born Jul 22
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  German/Swedish. Height: 5'7". Weight: 145. Blood type A+. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. M.S. Economist. Went to Grad school at Georgetown. Girl born Jul 22, 1997
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985 Born Nov 4, 1969. Irish/German/English. Height: 6'1''. Weight: 175. Blood type A+. Blonde Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. BFA. Post Production Cordinator. Into film. Also donated before and had success with other mothers at the clinic. I'm a Girl born Apr 3, 1999
Boy born Mar 29, 1999
Child born Mar 29, 1999
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1049 Born Jul 25, 1965. Started donating Dec 5, 1997. Stopped donating May 10, 1998. African american. Height: 6'5'. Weight: 229. Blood type O+. Black Curly hair. Brown eyes. Olive complexion. MPA, April 1995. Foreign service, u.s. dept. of state. Born in the state of Missouri. Speaks some french and arabic. Boy born Jan 23, 1999
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