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Philadelphia Fertility Institute (8th & Locust)

8th and Locust Streets Philadelphia, PA  USA
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unknown I'm a Girl born May 30, 1987
Read message posted 05/14/13
Updated on 05/15/13 by Alicia_0530.
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unknown Medical student. I'm a Girl born Apr 28, 1982
Boy born 1986
Read message posted 02/12/06
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unknown Jewish. Child born Jul 1991
Read message posted 11/20/05
Updated on 09/03/08 by Bluemonkey722.
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unknown Born May 17, 1972. Started donating Jan 1991. Stopped donating Oct 1992. Caucasion. Height: 5' 11". Weight: 200. Blonde Straight hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. BA at Wharton. Student At the Time, Now CEO of a Games Company. Agnostic. Very Fair complexion. I tend to burn easily in the sun and have many things that turn my face red that seem to be hereditary. Shellfish, red wine, stress, physical over-exertion and cigarette smoke are the larger triggers. Very strong math skills in every generation of my family as well. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 04/17/13
Updated on 04/17/13 by Brianpellham.
Posted by Sperm Donor
unknown Born Aug 1, 1945. Started donating Feb 15, 1976. Stopped donating Jan 31, 1980. Caucasian. Height: 6' 6". Weight: 200. Blonde Straight hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Undergraduate degree in Finance. Banker. Agnostic. This might be unusual, but I am posting on behalf of my late father. I am the biological (and familial/social) child of a man that became a sperm donor in 1976 when I was age 7 and my brother was 13. I believe he initially began donating as a way to make some extra money, but he and my mother both felt they were helping people who were having difficulty with starting a family. I am trying to think of what information my father would have relayed to his doctor at that time.I do not know what information would have appeared in his description at that clinic, if any. Read message posted 04/19/16
Updated on 04/19/16 by SRCinPhiladelphia.
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unknown Height: 6' (approx). Weight: 160 approx. Light Brown Straight hair. Fair complexion. Medical Student. Conception was Aug 88. Both of donor's parents living and well at time of conception. DI Procedures performed in April, May, and August by Dr. Batzer and Dr. Gocial. Boy born May 1988
Read message posted 11/01/05
Updated on 10/21/10 by Irish.
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85 Started donating 1991. Stopped donating 1992. German. Height: 5'10". Weight: 165. Blood type O-. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. 8 years college. Medical student. Medium build. Donated locally at the Fertility Testing Lab, part of the Philadelphia Fertility Institute. He had 1 brother, 2 sisters, parents both living and in good health at time of donation. Maybe 26-27 at time of donation. Child
Read message posted 08/17/06
Updated on 05/02/08 by Parkep.
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29702.0 OR #93 Started donating 1995. Jewish. Height: 6 ft. Weight: 178. Blood type A+. Brown Curly hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. Doctoral. M.D. Jewish. Birthmarks Yes; Surgeries - Wisdom Teeth and Arthroscopic Knee (R); Glasses at age 12; Undergraduate Degree in Biology; Donated at Biogenetics Clinic in 1988 and 1993. Boy born Sep 1998
Read message posted 03/22/06
Updated on 09/03/08 by Lellison10.
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30111.0 OR #96 Started donating Oct 31, 1995. Hispanic. Height: 5'8". Weight: 145. Blood type O+. Blonde Straight hair. Blue eyes. Olive complexion. Under-Grad Psychology. Co-owner of Bicycle Shop. Also listed as (C)aucasian. Girl born Feb 1999
Read message posted 02/08/08
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