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Beernink & Beernink

Berkeley, CA  USA

May be the same as "East Bay Clinic".

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unknown I'm a Boy born Dec 23, 1988
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unknown Born 1965. Blonde Straight hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Movie producer. Grandson of the famous Don DeFore. Girl born Aug 13, 1991
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Updated on 06/15/18 by Juliamarsh.
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unknown Caucasian. Fair complexion. UC Berkeley. Was donating from 1979-1983 or longer. Possibly Tall, Blonde or Brown Hair, Blue or Hazel Eyes. Was a grad student at UC Berkeley. I'm a Girl born Mar 5, 1984
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Updated on 07/06/17 by JacBax.
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unknown Brown eyes. I'm a Girl born Aug 18, 1974
Girl born Apr 24, 1972
Girl born 1972
Posted 06/21/17
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unknown I'm a Girl born Feb 18, 1977
Read message posted 07/09/13
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unknown Height: 6'3". Hazel eyes. Jewish. I'm a Girl born Jul 1984
Read message posted 02/03/11
Updated on 08/05/14 by Nanikopaa.
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unknown Caucasian. Brown hair, hazel-brown eyes. Blood type O+. Donated between 1980-1981 and again between 1984-1985. Sperm Donor
Posted 08/26/10
Updated on 08/26/10 by DGM.
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BEERNINK MATCH #1 I'm a Girl born Aug 16, 1983
Read message posted 09/01/19
Updated on 09/01/19 by JPEREIRA.
Posted by Offspring
  Possibly Romanian. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Possible Med Student. My mother was inseminated on September 21, 1981 by Dr. Beernink. She was told you had dark hair, brown eyes and were a Med Student at UCSF I believe. My blood type is O-, completely different from others in my family. My Donor would be A, B or O positive or negative. I'm a Girl born Jun 8, 1982
Read message posted 02/20/08
Updated on 09/01/19 by RLB.
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C. 1970 Blonde hair. Blue eyes. UC Berkeley student. I have found my donor and we have had discussions. I am on 23 and me. The donor has since decided to go back into hiding due to pressures from his current family but I am happy to share many interesting details if you match with me in 23 and me, however, I will not disclose his name per his wishes. I'm a Girl born Jan 1971
Read message posted 02/08/08
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C. 1976 I'm a Girl born Feb 18, 1977
Read message posted 04/02/06
Updated on 09/22/08 by Jennrose.
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C. 1977 TO 1986 Born Nov 29, 1954. Started donating Jan 1979. Stopped donating Oct 1985. Ashkenzi Jewish (Russian/German). Height: 5'7". Weight: 165. Blood type AB+. Brown Curly hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. Undergrad and doctoral, UC Berkeley. Biological Anthropologist, with a speciality in genetics. Also a faculty union officer. Jewish. I donated via Dr. Kimball to several fertility practices in Berkeley, clustered around Alta Bates Hospital. My motivation was that none of the other donors would allow their donations to go to Lesbian couples, which to me was bullshit. To me, anyone who wanted a child so badly that they would go through medical artificial insemination deserved to be a parent. The fertility practices that used my donations were: DR. Kimble, the Beernik brothers, Dr. Canin, Dr. Burch, Dr. Butler, Dr. Nishimini, Dr. Strietland, Dr. Chetkowski, and Dr. Weick, plus a female physician whose name I failed to record. 12 of my donations were at Children's Hospital San Francisco., while the others were at: 3000 Colby, 2915 Telegraph, 2999 Regent Street and Alta Bates Hospital. My donations were used primarily for: Lesbians, Jews, and women suffering from PID. If you are A+, B+, or AB+ then you could be one of my genetic offspring. If you are ABO type O or Rh-, then it's not possible that we are related. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 02/16/07
Updated on 07/09/19 by JONATHAN.
Posted by Sperm Donor
C. 1978-1979 SCHOOL YEAR Brown eyes. Artificial insemination donor was probably medical student at UC in SF, during school year 78-79. Child
Read message posted 11/20/05
Updated on 04/22/08 by Jsaint.
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C. 1979 Caucasian. Height: Tall. Graduate student at uc berkeley. I'm a Boy born Mar 5, 1980
Read message posted 02/08/08
Updated on 03/02/10 by Lchase.
Posted by Offspring
C. 1979 TO 1987 EASTBAY MATCH #1 Born Feb 21, 1949. Started donating Aug 24, 1979. Stopped donating Feb 6, 1987. German, Irish, English. Height: 6 Foot, 1 inch. Weight: 175 lbs. Blood type A+. Brown Wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Medium complexion. I was part of Doctor H. Stewart Kimball's "stable",as he liked to call it. Fresh, not frozen, samples were delivered to his office or to various other doctors around the Bay Area as per his direction. The samples delivered to his office were used in that building or taken to other doctors, sometimes to San Francisco or Contra Costa County. I have date and time records of each donation and notation of where it was delivered. Where the sample was finally administered I have no way of knowing. Samples for Beernink & Beernink were usually dropped off at the pharmacy on the ground floor. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 06/15/09
Updated on 03/09/11 by Cholly5.
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C. 1979, FEB. Dr. F. Beernink performed the procedure on 2/12/79. I'm a Boy born Nov 6, 1979
Read message posted 09/30/08
Updated on 06/16/09 by Trmcnulty.
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C. 1982 Northern European. Height: Unknown. Weight: Unknown. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. We were told my donor had a Muscular build, blonde hair and blue eyes . My mother was also told that he may have been a medical student (who interned at the hospital not far away) at the time of his donation but we are not certain of this. My blood type is O-, as is my mother's. I'm a Girl born Jun 5, 1983
Read message posted 01/30/07
Updated on 07/31/08 by Jhinojos.
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C. 1985 Caucasian. I'm a Girl born May 1986
Read message posted 09/19/07
Updated on 05/28/11 by Rae Rae.
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C. 1986 Spanish. Blood type O+. Brown hair. Brown eyes. UC Berkeley Engineering student. I'm a Girl born Dec 1986
Read message posted 03/27/07
Updated on 04/22/08 by Sarah H.
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C. 1988 Started donating Aug 1988. Stopped donating Dec 1988. African American and possibly caucasian. Height: 6'. Brown Curly hair. Green eyes. Student of Public Health at UC Berkeley. Girl born Sep 6, 1989
Read message posted 08/13/08
Updated on 08/13/08 by Marguerite.
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UNK DONOR # MATCH (1) Born Feb 12, 1945. Started donating Jan 1978. Stopped donating Jan 1992. English/Scottish & German. Height: 5'8'. Weight: 180... Blood type A+. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. MA. Writer editor. Protestant. Beernink Bros are also listed as "East Bay Clinic" in Berkeley. I donated there for about 12 years beginning around 1978. Sperm Donor
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