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University of Louisville

Louisville, KY  USA

Dr. Marvin Yussman was there at one time

Donor ID and Special Info Donor Info Offspring / Contact Info
unknown I'm a Boy born Apr 6, 1980
Read message posted 05/25/19
Updated on 05/25/19 by VMcNeal.
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unknown I'm a Girl born Dec 28, 1980
Boy born Apr 6, 1980
Read message posted 01/09/18
Updated on 05/19/18 by RMBurns.
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unknown I'm a Girl born Apr 12, 1975
Read message posted 07/14/17
Updated on 07/15/17 by SarahPrattLin.
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unknown Girl born Dec 10, 1986
Boy born May 22, 1989
Read message posted 08/26/15
Updated on 10/04/18 by Jgertz.
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unknown I'm a Boy born Apr 30, 1994
Read message posted 08/02/14
Updated on 08/03/14 by Ethan.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Born Apr 20, 1955. Started donating Aug 31, 1982. Stopped donating May 6, 1989. Caucasian. Height: 5ft8. Weight: 160. Blood type O+. Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Md. Doctor. Protestant. Sperm Donor
Boy born Oct 3, 1984
Read message posted 12/08/13
Updated on 12/13/13 by Johnny.
Posted by Sperm Donor
unknown Brown hair. Blue eyes. I'm a Girl born Mar 28, 1986
Read message posted 10/22/10
Updated on 08/08/18 by Eohning.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Blue eyes. Medical student or resident. Jewish. I'm a Girl born Feb 1976
Read message posted 09/03/10
Updated on 09/04/10 by Acritchfield.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Irish, French. Height: 6'1". Weight: 180. Blood type O+. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. Medical Student, Residency. Catholic. Described himself as a "happy person". One of his parents had blue eyes, the other parent had brown eyes. The insemination was through a Dr. Levine but the sperm was aquired at the University of Louisville. I'm a Girl born 1982
Read message posted 11/15/06
Updated on 01/14/16 by Kentuckygirl.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Started donating Mar 1979. Stopped donating Apr 1979. Blood type A+. Medical School. Doctor. Girl born Jan 9, 1980
Girl born Jan 9, 1980
Read message posted 12/30/08
Updated on 06/16/10 by Jwaflart.
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unknown Medical student 1975. I'm a Boy born Oct 14, 1975
Read message posted 08/01/08
Updated on 09/03/08 by Brian32.
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unknown University of Louisville. Oncologist. Student at University of Louisville in 1964-65. I'm a Boy born Nov 3, 1965
Read message posted 04/24/08
Updated on 09/03/08 by GratefulSon.
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unknown Medical student, married with healthy offspring. I'm a Girl born Oct 10, 1979
Read message posted 08/17/07
Updated on 08/27/09 by Alynnduff.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Medical Student 1979. Girl born Oct 10, 1979
Read message posted 06/30/07
Updated on 09/03/08 by Carol Lardner.
Posted by Parent
unknown Medical Student in 1976. I'm a Boy born Aug 12, 1977
Read message posted 06/19/06
Updated on 09/03/08 by Bmikelson.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Born Dec 2, 1965. Started donating Feb 2000. Stopped donating Sep 2001. English, irish, native american. Height: 5'4". Weight: 125. Blood type A+. Dark Brown Straight hair. Dark Brown eyes. Olive complexion. MSSW. Social Worker. Catholic. Egg Donor
Read message posted 01/31/07
Updated on 09/03/08 by Tdcos.
Posted by Egg Donor
AJ Born Aug 15, 1959. Started donating Feb 1, 1982. Stopped donating Aug 31, 1999. European. Height: 6'4". Weight: 185 lbs. Blood type O+. Blonde Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. M.D. Physician M.D. Christian. I also donated for Dr. Richard Levine's infertility clinic and Dr. Marvin Yussman's infertility clinic both in Louisville. Sperm Donor
Boy born Jun 26, 1985
Boy born May 12, 1995
Boy born May 1, 1997
Girl born Jun 3, 2000
Read message posted 05/26/19
Updated on 05/26/19 by Randy.
Posted by Sperm Donor
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