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Fertility Institute, Ltd. (Chicago)

333 E. Superior St Chicago, IL  60611  USA · (312) 649-9533

Dr. Melvin R. Cohen directed this facility in the 1970's & 1980's. Dr. Cohen was affiliated with Northwestern Univ. and its hospitals, as well as Michael Reese. He used local university students (medical, dental, MBA candidates) for fresh donations. His offices moved to 666 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chgo, IL in 1985. By September 1989 the Fertility Center, Michael Reese Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates, S.C. had the "older" records. See also Michael Reese listings.

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unknown Jewish. I was conceived via a sperm donor in Chicago Illinois in October-November 1963. Though I can't be sure who the Doctor was (my mother died in 1990) or where his clinic was located, my mother did tell me the donor was Jewish and a Med student. I was delivered at Michael Reese Hospital in June 1964. I haven't had any DNA testing as yet.
Posted 05/18/19
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unknown Lithuanian. I'm a Girl born Sep 28, 1989
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unknown Jewish. Medical doctor?. Jewish. I'm a Boy born Oct 10, 1975
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unknown I'm a Girl born Jan 9, 1987
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unknown Born Dec 1958. Started donating 1983. Stopped donating 1985. English, Irish, Swedish, German. Height: 6'. Dark Brown Wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. Physician. Sperm Donor
Posted 08/16/15
Updated on 04/21/19 by Dr812.
Posted by Sperm Donor
unknown Medical student?. Male, born in 1960. Doctor was Dr. Melvin Cohen of Chicago, stating donor father was medical student in local hospital. My mother only recently told me, as I had been poking around 23andMe, and I was starting to sense something was amiss. My non-biological father passed away 5+ years ago. I live with my wife and two teenagers in New York City. I would love to find out more info about my donor father, or half siblings, if any. I'm a Boy born Jul 16, 1960
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unknown All I know is that my donor was associated with Dr. Melvin Cohen out of Chicago IL, and he was a medical student at the time. I was conceived at Northwestern Memorial hospital or/ Fertility Ltd. My sister and I born between the years of 1983-1987 are allegedly, from the same donor, though we have family members who don’t think that’s possible. I am 5'9, olive complexion, brown curly hair, & green eyes. My older sister is much shorter than I and has darker skin. We often get told we look European. Hopefully, I can find some offspring to help discover my ethnicity. Having just a photo of my donor would be pretty amazing; It would mean the world. I'm a Girl born May 1987
Girl born 1983
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unknown Born May 16, 1959. Started donating 1982. Stopped donating 1984. German/English. Height: 6'1". Weight: 190. Blood type A+. Brown Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Medical School. MD. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 08/11/06
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unknown Sperm Donor
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unknown I'm a Girl born Feb 21, 1980
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unknown Part Italian or German?. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Could also be Michael Reese or other Chicago location. I'm a Girl born 1987
Boy born 1989
Read message posted 11/01/10
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unknown Engineering student at IIT. Jewish. Don't know if undergrad or grad student. Boy born Jul 1970
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unknown Jewish. My mother was inseminated at a clinic in Chicago in 1968. The clinic operated as a medical practice group known then as Cohen, Hankin and Dresner. Sounds more like a law firm than a fertility clinic. I think that Dr. Cohen may have been the same Dr. Cohen who later was associated with Fertility Institue LTD. I'm a Boy born Jul 17, 1969
Read message posted 04/19/08
Updated on 04/20/08 by Ljb717.
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unknown German/jewish?. Height: 6' +. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Doctor. Dr. Melvin Cohen. I'm a Girl born Nov 19, 1973
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unknown Norway, Germany, Scotland. Height: 5' 11". Weight: 185. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Post-Graduate. Protestant. Math & Chemistry talent. Born in Aurora, Il. Age 28 in 1983. Boy born Aug 1984
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unknown My mom received sperm from her doctor's office in Chicago, Illinois. The doctor was Melvin R. Cohen and the insemination was at the end of March or early April of 1973. Supposedly, the donor was a resident at the hospital, which I think was Michael Reese. I'm a Girl born Jan 1974
Posted 07/10/03
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unknown Born May 13, 1958. Started donating Nov 1983. Stopped donating May 1985. White. Height: 5'8". Weight: 165. Blood type O+. Brown Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. MD. Physician. Sperm Donor
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UNK DONOR # MATCH (4) Italian, german, scottish?. Dark Brown hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Northwestern Memorial Hospital affiliation. M.D.?. Boy born Jul 13, 1982
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  Italian. Height: 5' 10". Weight: 190. Blood type B+. Brown Curly hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. Attended Northwestern University in Chicago. I'm a Girl born Feb 6, 1988
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