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Cornell University/The NY Hospital

515 East 71th Street New York, NY  10021  USA · 212-746-3173 · WWW

The Center for Reproductive Medicine & Infertility. Also was known as Weil Medical College of Cornell University, (formerly, The New York Hospital of Cornell University). Check Fairfax Cryobank and California Cryobank for matches, as donors may have originated from there.

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unknown I'm a Boy born Dec 26, 1959
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unknown Born Apr 2, 1975. Started donating May 9, 2005. Stopped donating Jun 20, 2005. Caucasian. Height: 5.7. Weight: 125. Blood type A-. Brown Curly hair. Dark Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Masters in Fine Arts. Artist / College Professor. I was born in Brazil, am currently married and have a beautiful 4 year old daughter who is an extremely bright, healthy and happy child. Egg Donor
Child born Mar 2006
Child born Feb 2006
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unknown Born Mar 6, 1945. Started donating 1967. Stopped donating 1971. Height: 6'2". Light Brown Straight hair. Green eyes. Medium complexion. MD. Catholic. Sperm Donor
Posted 07/11/08
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unknown Born 1964. Italian, German. Height: 5'4.5". Weight: 150. Light Brown Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. Catholic. Girl 
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unknown Born Jul 3, 1981. Started donating 2009. Stopped donating 2010. Height: 163 cm. Blood type O+. Blonde Wavy hair. Green eyes. Egg Donor
Posted 01/09/20
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unknown Born Mar 11, 1946. Started donating 1972. Stopped donating 1976. Irish american. Height: 6'. Weight: 170. Strawberry Blond Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Medical School. Doctor. Catholic. Girl born Oct 1988
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unknown Born Apr 6, 1960. Started donating Jan 23, 1994. Stopped donating Feb 4, 1994. Dutch, german, british , american indian. Height: 5' 10". Weight: 135. Blood type AB+. Light Brown Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. BFA. Interior design. Protestant. My father had alopecia, causing him to loose all his hair. Egg Donor
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F-239-36-81 Born Nov 1957. Started donating May 26, 1993. Stopped donating May 26, 1993. White. Height: 5'6". Blood type A+. Red-Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Doctorate. N.M.D. Protestant. I would love to know you are out there! I have run my DNA (as well as my parents) on the 23andme website, as well as Since NY hospitals refuse to allow donors & offspring to be contacted, this may be our only way to connect. Egg Donor
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NY, NEW YORK (CORNELL) 1967 I was born at the Weil Medical College of Cornell University, (formerly, The New York Hospital of Cornell University). I also believe I was conceived there. My mother's doctor was Robert Landesman (deceased. His office address was 525 East 68th Street, New York, NY. Date of donation: November 1967 My mother tells me that the donor was supposed to be a resident at the hospital. The donor was to fit her husband's physical description... 6'3", dark hair, brown eyes, glasses. I am female, 5'7", 135 lbs, green eyes, brown straight hair, I am a sales person selling software. I was born in July 1968, I simply want to show my appreciation for the donation and learn about family history, disease, etc. Also, my sister was born in The Barnett Hospital in Paterson, NJ. April 1972. She was also conceived using Dr. Landesman's assistance. My sister is 5'4", blond and a physical therapist. I'm a Girl born Jul 1968
Girl born Apr 1972
Posted 08/18/03
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276 Born 1972. French, English, German, Irish. Height: 5' 6.5". Weight: 128. Dark Brown Straight hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. Completed grade school, completed high school, B.A. in Economics, pursuing an M.A. in Journalism. Catholic. Girl born Dec 3, 1997
Girl born Dec 3, 1997
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523 (FAIRFAX) Boy born Jun 1995
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1196 Born 1978. Chiropractor. Jewish. Girl born Oct 13, 2011
Posted 10/23/19
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1310 Born 1979. Started donating Feb 9, 2009. Irish, French. Height: 5'6". Weight: 135. Brown Curly hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Associate Degree - Fashion Design. Fashion Design. Christian. Anonymous donation, however donor expressed possible willingness to be contacted at some later time. This is not possible through the clinic. Girl born Jan 22, 2010
Girl born Jan 22, 2010
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1842 Born 1990. Started donating Mar 2014. Guatemalan and Cuban. Height: 5'2". Weight: 127. Dark Brown Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. BA in psychology. Boy 
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