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Michael Reese Hospital

2929 South Ellis Ave. Chicago, IL  60616-3376  USA

The fertility clinic was part of the hospital back in 1984. I do not believe the clinic is still in operation. (Michael Reese was formerly known as Fertility Institute, Ltd.-see also that listing)

Donor ID and Special Info Donor Info Offspring / Contact Info
unknown Med Student. Jewish. Likely conceived at either Fertility Institute of Chicago or Michael Reese Hospital.
Read message posted 05/18/19
Updated on 05/19/19 by RA1964.
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unknown Jewish. Dark Brown Wavy hair. Olive complexion. Doctor. Jewish. I'm a Girl born Jan 11, 1957
Read message posted 04/07/19
Updated on 04/09/19 by StephanieJ.
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unknown Russian / Lithuanian / Polish / German. Height: 5'7". Jewish. Dr Melvyn Cohen. I'm a Boy born May 1963
Read message posted 07/27/18
Updated on 07/27/18 by Ph1963.
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unknown I was told the donor was a senior medical student. According to my 23andme results, he must have been Lithuanian and/or German. I'm a Girl born Sep 28, 1989
Read message posted 05/26/18
Updated on 05/26/18 by Mhubbard.
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unknown Jewish. Girl born Dec 1959, at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. Recently discovered, through AncestryDNA and confirmed with 23 and Me, that I was conceived with a donor sperm. I believe it would be from a medical student who was working with Dr. Melvin Cohen and Dr. Henry Hankin. FOUND MY SPERM DONOR.....Dr. William Marc Alpern...Did a rotation at Michael Reese Hospital then went on to Northwestern in their fertility clinic. I have 4 half siblings related to this donor so far.... I'm a Girl born Dec 30, 1959
Read message posted 04/23/18
Updated on 08/27/19 by Sgb1959.
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unknown Jewish. I'm a Girl born Oct 1, 1986
Read message posted 02/17/18
Updated on 02/17/18 by Erikajo.
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unknown Blood type AB+. I'm a Girl born Aug 7, 1984
Boy born Mar 29, 1980
Girl born Sep 11, 1982
Read message posted 09/18/15
Updated on 11/07/17 by Lvngd22.
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unknown Born Jan 25, 1961. Started donating 1979. Stopped donating 1983. Italian/Jewish. Height: 6'. Weight: 230 lbs. Blood type O+. Dark Brown Wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Olive complexion. 3 Advanced Degrees. Physical Therapist. Sperm Donor
Posted 07/07/17
Updated on 07/08/17 by Francoaray.
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unknown Medical school. MD?. Jewish. I'm a Girl born Feb 1, 1984
Read message posted 12/11/15
Updated on 12/11/15 by Jdubs.
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unknown Boy born Jun 8, 1984
Read message posted 06/03/14
Updated on 06/04/14 by Msa1954.
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unknown Started donating Mar 1, 1953. Stopped donating Mar 31, 1953. Caucasian, not Jewish. Medical student at Northwestern University. I'm a Girl born Dec 16, 1953
Read message posted 12/29/13
Updated on 12/30/13 by Zahava53.
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unknown Medical student. Sperm bank either in Chicago area or Northwest Indiana. I'm a Girl born Feb 21, 1980
Read message posted 04/18/11
Updated on 12/25/15 by Zelenie.
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unknown I'm a Girl born Jan 11, 1993
Read message posted 02/08/08
Updated on 09/03/08 by Angelica Spencer.
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unknown Read message posted 09/05/11
Updated on 09/06/11 by Gprins.
unknown Born Jan 22, 1937. Started donating Jul 1, 1963. Stopped donating Jun 30, 1967. Jewish, Canadian born, East European descent as far as we know (Polish Jews). Height: 5'11". Black Straight hair. Brown eyes. Olive complexion. Medical School (MD). Retired Physician -- OB/GYN. Jewish. My dad is the donor. He is currently 81 years old and in good health. He was a medical OB/GYN resident at Michael Reese Hospital from 1963-1967. During this time, he regularly (sometimes weekly for 4 years) donated sperm for Drs. Melvin Cohen and Dr. Henry Hankin. He has 4 children, I live in the Chicago area still. We have just recently learned of the extent and process of his donations and are curious about half siblings. We have close family friends in the same situation -- a buddy of my dad's who also donated during those years, also with four children, three of whom live in the Chicago area. Read message posted 07/19/18
Updated on 07/19/18 by Mkalchman.
unknown Started donating Nov 15, 1976. Stopped donating Feb 4, 1977. White. Height: 6'2. Weight: 200. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Med student. Med Student. Christian. I can not remeber if the blood type was A or O posivtive. Anita the nurse was working there and is still but they have moved and I can not find any infor on the donor number. Boy born Oct 29, 1977
Read message posted 02/08/08
Updated on 09/03/08 by Barbara R.
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unknown I'm a Boy born Oct 19, 1974
Read message posted 03/29/07
Updated on 09/03/08 by Tgchicago1974.
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unknown Scandinavian. Blonde Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Medical Student. Girl born Dec 14, 1984
Read message posted 03/20/06
Updated on 09/03/08 by Ericasbirthday.
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IL, CHICAGO AREA 1979-1989 Started donating 1979. Stopped donating 1989. Austrian./Germanic. Height: 5'10". Weight: 145. Blood type B-. Light Brown Straight hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. Bachelor. Nursing. Donations may have been used by Northwestern University, Michael Reese Hospital,U of C,fertility limited LTD,dr.meyers(offices@water tower place,chicago,&northbrook,il),dr.rao,30 n. wabash.chicago.---born 1943. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 07/09/05
Updated on 05/27/11 by HOPEALWAYS.
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12 OR 13 (IT WAS A "DOZEN") Mid-Oct. 1985 insemination. Donor was listed as a "medical student or doctor". Girl born Jul 1986
Read message posted 04/30/07
Updated on 04/22/08 by Jeannette.
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55 Born Oct 1962. German. Height: 5'11". Weight: 175. Blonde Curly hair. Doctor of Osteology. O.D. Christian. Girl born Jun 11, 1996
Boy born Jun 11, 1996
Read message posted 03/05/09
Updated on 03/15/09 by CSpenny.
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