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Repository for Germinal Choice

4450 S. Escondido Blvd, PB box 2876 Escondido, CA  92025  USA · 619-743-0772

Operated from 1980 to 1999. Repository was directed by Paul Smith at one time. Paul took most of the Repository donors with him when he left to start Heredity Choice. Donors may be listed under both facilities. It was also called the Nobel Sperm Bank and the Genius Sperm Bank, and was run by Dr. Robert Graham in earlier years (before Paul Smith). Paul Smith's phone number: 702 772-5380, address; 7375 South Bruce Street, Las Vegas, NV 89123; email

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unknown Girl born Oct 1990
Read message posted 10/17/07
Updated on 04/24/13 by Blizzard.
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BLACK-BLACK (HEREDITY CHOICE) Mostly British. Height: 6'4". Weight: 175. Blood type A-. Light Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. Professor of Economics at Cal Tech. Made creative innovations in his field, loves animals and children. Girl born Nov 15, 1995
Read message posted 01/14/07
Updated on 12/19/08 by CH Swirkal.
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  Mainly british. Height: 6'4". Light Brown Straight hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. Professor of economics. RH neg (A-). Girl born 1994
Boy born 1996
Read message posted 07/09/05
Updated on 12/19/08 by Rezrites.
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BLUE-BLACK Born Feb 1, 1961. Started donating Jan 1996. Stopped donating Dec 2000. Caucasian. Height: 5'11". Weight: 195. Blood type O-. Brown Straight hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. BS, MS, PhD. Professor of Biology. Protestant. I was a donor for the Repository for Germinal Choice a while back and it was great!. Sperm Donor
Girl born Dec 18, 1998
Read message posted 12/22/14
Updated on 08/03/18 by Bidlack.
Posted by Sperm Donor
BLUE-RED (HEREDITY CHOICE) Northern European (Dutch). Height: 6'. Weight: 180. Blood type A+. Blonde Wavy hair. Green eyes. Ph.D.-Chemistry. Professor at major university. Bright and handsome, well-proportioned "classical" face. Slightly extroverted. Stanford-Binet IQ=140; SAT score=1440; GRE score=1620. Slightly high blood pressure; myopia; MINOR CHIN TIC with recurrence risk at 50%. Born in 1950s. (Recent update: over 200 published papers; approx. 30 donor offspring). Boy born Jul 30, 1985
Read message posted 07/11/08
Updated on 07/31/14 by FranceenK.
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CORAL 'white'. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 03/20/04
Updated on 09/03/08 by Baaames.
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FUCHSIA 1 European. Height: 6' 4". Weight: 195. Blood type O+. Brown hair. Brown eyes. COLLAGE GRADUATE. WORLD CHAMPION IN HIS FIELD. Boy born Apr 19, 1992
Read message posted 07/05/08
Updated on 07/06/08 by LeAnna.
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GOLD Height: 72 in. Weight: 175. Blood type A+. Gray hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. PhD. Engineer. Christian. Sperm Donor
Boy born Nov 1989
Read message posted 08/31/07
Updated on 10/21/08 by Gold.
Posted by Sperm Donor
GREEN-RED Northwest European. Height: 5'10". Weight: 163. Blood type A+. Blonde Curly hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Professor of mathematics. Music :evidence of good ability In colleage he was a champion in a demanding sport Offspring show exceptional physical coordination and good in music. Girl born May 1991
Read message posted 03/31/06
Updated on 12/19/08 by Cm.
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GREY-WHITE Austrian?. Height: 6'3". Blood type O+. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Boy born 1990
Read message posted 02/05/03
Updated on 12/19/08 by Lisaluree.
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LAVENDER 20 Born 1940. Started donating 1985. Stopped donating 1998. Irish, Azorian Portuguese. Height: 5'10". Weight: 190. Blood type O+. Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Ph.D. in Astrophysics. University professor. Founder of a solar electicity business. Probably sired more children than listed below because not all births were reported to the Repository. Kirsten 5/8/1986, Girl 1/15/1986, Boy 6/4/1987, Donald 1/20/1988, Girl 10/11/1988, Kevin 3/28/1989, Boy 3/2/1990, Boy 10/27/1991, Girl January 1992, Girl March 1992, Girl 3/19/1998. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 03/10/07
Updated on 11/08/09 by Lavender 20.
Posted by Sperm Donor
LIGHT BLUE Brown hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. I'm a Girl born Jul 1, 1991
Posted 05/22/13
Updated on 07/11/18 by 8151.
Posted by Offspring
LIGHT BLUE 14 I'm a Girl born Feb 1992
Read message posted 09/12/16
Updated on 09/12/16 by Hayley2128.
Posted by Offspring
  Born Apr 22, 1949. Started donating Sep 6, 1984. Stopped donating Apr 5, 1993. Almost half Swedish; some English; some Scocth Irish; small amount German; small amount Dutch. Height: 6 feet, 3 inches. Weight: 155 pounds. Blood type A+. Gray Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Olive complexion. Master of Arts, University of California at Berkeley. Evolutionary Biologist. Religion:Other. I supplied frozen, not freesh semen, by mail, when I assisted this facility. Sperm donors worked as volunteers here. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 11/22/06
Updated on 08/05/08 by David Seaborg.
Posted by Sperm Donor
LIGHT BURGUNDY Born Mar 13, 1954. Started donating 1988. Stopped donating 1992. Scottish, Italian, French, English. Height: 6'. Weight: 175. Brown Straight hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. Degrees in engineering and business. Entrepreneur and author. Look forward to hearing from you!. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 07/18/05
Updated on 12/19/18 by JohnC.
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LIGHT GREEN 40 Born Sep 4, 1957. Started donating Jan 1, 1983. Stopped donating Dec 31, 1988. German Dainish, Dutch, Norwegian, English. Height: 6'1". Weight: 155. Blood type O+. Light Brown Wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Post Graduate. Protestant. Sperm Donor
Posted 12/29/05
Updated on 05/25/18 by Escondidolg40.
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ORANGE 7 Born Jul 1965. Stopped donating 1996. Irish, German, English. Height: 6'. Weight: 165. Blood type A+. Strawberry Blond Straight hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Girl born Feb 9, 1996
Girl born Jun 2, 1998
Boy born May 13, 2009
Read message posted 02/22/06
Updated on 11/07/13 by Redpoodlesrus.
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  Born Jul 1965. Started donating 1991. Stopped donating 1996. Irish and German primarily. Height: 6'0". Weight: 165. Blood type A+. Auburn Straight hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Consultant. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 03/06/10
Updated on 06/20/17 by Donor_orange.
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ORANGE-RED Girl born 1993
Posted 02/05/03
Updated on 12/19/08 by Lisaluree.
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RED-GREY I'm a Girl born 1996
Read message posted 05/22/17
Updated on 05/29/17 by RGCEM.
Posted by Offspring
  Born 1970. Started donating 1988. Stopped donating 1992. Jewish. Height: 6' 4". Weight: 185. Blood type A+. Brown Straight hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. Phd. Investor. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 08/11/06
Updated on 12/19/08 by Redgrey.
Posted by Sperm Donor
TURQUOISE 38 Height: 5'8". Weight: 150. Blood type A+. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Science professor at major university, head of a large research laboratory. Has published several college textbooks. I'm a Girl born Oct 1990
Read message posted 01/16/18
Updated on 01/16/18 by Kpd1990.
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WHITE 6 Sperm Donor
Read message posted 02/20/03
Updated on 04/22/08 by Rwhite62000.
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YELLOW-GREEN 15 Girl born 1995
Read message posted 05/01/03
Updated on 12/19/08 by Rlockmiller.
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There are a total of 20 offspring, 3 sibling matches, and 8 donor to offspring matches from this Clinic.