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Barnes-Jewish (Washington Univ.)

One Barnes Jewish Hospital Plaza St. Louis, MO  63110  USA · 314-747-3000 · WWW

Division of Reproductive Endocrinology at Washington University School of Medicine

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Posted 04/05/18
Updated on 04/06/18 by Jill1983.
Posted by Offspring
unknown White, Jewish. Washington University medical. Doctor. Jewish. I'm a Boy born Jan 11, 1982
Posted 11/20/17
Updated on 11/19/18 by Pfan2004.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Great Britain, Ireland, Western European. I'm a Girl born Aug 7, 1958
Read message posted 03/01/15
Updated on 08/09/15 by WashU1958Gall.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Started donating Sep 1, 1982. Stopped donating Jan 1, 1985. Caucasian. Height: 5'9". Weight: 165. Brown Wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Medium complexion. Doctor of Medicine. Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon. Agnostic. Donor Father Looking for Children. Child
Read message posted 02/04/15
Updated on 02/04/15 by TF85.
Posted by Parent
unknown The donor would have been a medical student in 1963 at Washington University and donated through the Masters and Johnson program. I am Caucasian female, brown hair, light brown eyes. Donor would have British, Irish, German or French. I'm a Girl born Jan 13, 1964
Read message posted 12/22/14
Updated on 05/18/15 by Gilbdh.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Caucasian. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. My mother was told that the donor was a medical student. I have most of my mother's features, but probably have my father's aptitude for math, science, and/or arts. I had blond hair as a kid, but has since turned medium brown/auburn with graying at temples and beard and blue/gray eyes. I'm a Boy born Oct 5, 1979
Read message posted 02/23/14
Updated on 02/23/14 by Mnesikles.
Posted by Offspring
unknown My parents think my donor was a medical student at Washington University in St. Louis. I am a Caucasian female with blue/gray eyes and blond hair. Blood type, O+. I am very pale, about 5'2". I'm a Girl born Dec 23, 1981
Read message posted 07/23/13
Updated on 05/19/14 by TuesdayBlu.
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unknown I'm a Girl born Dec 1986
Posted 06/13/13
Updated on 06/14/13 by Peasncarrots.
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unknown I'm a Girl born Oct 24, 1958
Read message posted 10/05/09
Updated on 10/06/09 by Washu1958baby.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Read message posted 06/01/14
Updated on 06/02/14 by Mconnelly79.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Brown hair. Brown eyes. Medical or Dental Student (WashU). I'm a Girl born Aug 16, 1986
Read message posted 04/29/12
Updated on 04/30/12 by Jenba42.
Posted by Offspring
C. 1972 TO 1975 Born Jun 13, 1950. Started donating Jan 1, 1972. Stopped donating Dec 31, 1975. Caucasian. Height: 5'10". Weight: 175. Brown Straight hair. Hazel eyes. Olive complexion. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 07/11/07
Updated on 04/22/08 by Jstarch007.
Posted by Sperm Donor
C. 1973 I'm a Girl born Jan 25, 1974
Read message posted 02/17/09
Updated on 02/18/09 by Prairiesprite.
Posted by Offspring
C. 1973, 1975 Dark Brown Straight hair. Dark Brown eyes. Olive complexion. My mother was inseminated in October 1975. Donor was a medical student from Washington University, St. Louis MO. I also have a sister who was conceived around September 1973 by a different donor. She was born May 1974. I'm a Girl born Jul 23, 1976
Girl born May 17, 1974
Posted 04/25/07
Updated on 04/22/08 by Beckengle.
Posted by Offspring
C. 1974, OCT. Jewish. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Donated in October 1974. Probably a 3rd or 4th year med student or possibly a doctor. Blood type would be A,B, or O -- could be positive or negative. I'm a Girl born Jul 14, 1975
Posted 05/06/07
Updated on 08/18/19 by Adgirl.
Posted by Offspring
C. 1976 Donor was a Med Student at Washinton University in St. Louis. Procedure was done in May/June of 1976. I'm a Boy born Feb 1977
Read message posted 02/11/08
Updated on 04/22/08 by Mlwray31.
Posted by Offspring
C. 1976 TO 1978 Born Mar 23, 1945. Started donating Jul 1976. Stopped donating Jun 1978. Height: 5"11". Weight: 175. Blood type B+. Brown Curly hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. Professional. Medical Doctor. Jewish. Born 1943. Sperm Donor
Posted 09/19/06
Updated on 04/22/08 by Prsnrs.
Posted by Sperm Donor
C. 1978, MARCH My son is 5'9" tall, has a lean build, sandy blond hair, and blue eyes. For his height, he has extremely long legs, arms and fingers and wears a size 10 shoe. Interests: computer technology, Master's Degree in Finance, self-taught keyboard player and has a very good singing voice. Would love to make contact with half siblings or donor if he is willing. Boy born Dec 1978
Read message posted 02/08/08
Updated on 04/22/08 by Enorman.
Posted by Parent
C. 1984, JUNE Donated at least once in June, 1984. My mother was told by the nurses at Barnes Jewish that most of the donors were medical students at Washington University. I was born March 4, 1985. I am 5'6" with curly reddish brown hair, hazel eyes, and light complexion. I am very interested in any degree of contact with possible donors or half-siblings. I'm a Girl born Mar 4, 1985
Read message posted 10/05/06
Updated on 05/11/11 by Kfeder.
Posted by Offspring
C. 1985 TO 1990 Born May 31, 1962. Started donating Aug 1985. Stopped donating May 1990. Caucasian. Height: 6'2". Weight: 190lbs. Light Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. MD. Physician. Catholic. Sperm Donor
Posted 10/19/06
Updated on 04/22/08 by Jbisc.
Posted by Sperm Donor
C. 1989 We are looking for siblings or donor for my daughter, conceived June 1998 at Washington University by Dr. Randall Odem and Dr. Warren. This girl is so much like her Mother, but she is far more athletic and small framed, with a 134 IQ. Her blood type is O-, just like mine. She is a redhead, just like me with my brown eyes. Girl born Apr 18, 1990
Read message posted 12/26/07
Updated on 04/22/08 by Spiritedlyn.
Posted by Parent
C.1986 Height: 5'10". Donor was probably med student at WashU and had reddish hair with potential scots/irish or german heritage. I'm a Boy born Jul 1987
Read message posted 06/15/10
Updated on 06/16/10 by Musician1987.
Posted by Offspring
CADONOR#48402 Born Apr 30, 1989. Started donating Oct 2013. Boy born Jul 13, 2014
Read message posted 12/30/18
Updated on 12/30/18 by CAIP#11617.
Posted by Parent
45 Ashkenazi European Jewish. Height: 5'10" - 6'2". Blood type A+. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Washington University St Louis. Looking for siblings. Nurse that was in charge of the Donor Program in 1992 later advised that Donor #45 was a proven donor resulting in 5 offspring, and their parents lived in St Louis, LA, Chicago, Victoria BC, and possibly one other city at the time. Boy born Jul 1993
Posted 02/19/17
Updated on 11/12/19 by Pearl.
Posted by Parent
400C1 Born Nov 8, 1979. Started donating May 1, 2009. Stopped donating Jun 29, 2009. Caucasian. Height: 5'5". Weight: 140 lbs. Blood type A+. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. College. Engineer. Jewish. Read message posted 05/19/10
Updated on 05/20/10 by GlaserTwins.
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452 Born Aug 20, 1988. Started donating Jul 1, 2010. Stopped donating Dec 30, 2012. Irish, Polish. Height: 5'3". Blood type O+. Blonde Wavy hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Bachelor's degree. Teacher. Family Source Consultants donor ID #607. Egg Donor
Posted 12/18/13
Updated on 06/21/15 by Emc2006.
Posted by Egg Donor
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