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Huntington Reproductive Center (HRC Fertility)

1220 La Venta Drive Suite #103 Westlake village, CA  91361  USA · 805-374-1737 · WWW
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unknown Born Sep 9, 1965. Started donating 1995. Stopped donating 1997. Caucasian. Height: 5'0". Blood type O+. Dark Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Legal Secretary. Jewish. Egg Donor
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unknown Born Mar 12, 1963. Started donating 1991. Stopped donating 1993. Caucasian. Height: 5' 5". Weight: 140. Blood type O+. Brown Curly hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. BA, French. Administrative assistant. Protestant. Donated 6 times with Shelley Smith's Egg Donor Program. Know of twin girls born of my donation, believe that others were also born....I always worked with HRC located in Pasadena, who also helped me conceive my 4 children......I have used 23 and me and have just sent in ancestry if you want to confirm that you are a successful result (living human being!) of one of my egg donations.... Child
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unknown Born Jul 1980. Started donating Aug 2000. Stopped donating Jan 2002. White, Mexican. Height: 5'4. Weight: 114. Blood type A+. Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Olive complexion. Egg Donor
Posted 10/18/18
Updated on 10/18/18 by K805.
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DONOR NEXUS1150 Born Aug 31, 1988. Started donating 2013. Caucasian. Height: 5'3". Weight: 110lbs. Blood type O-. Brown Straight hair. Green eyes. Light Brown complexion. Some college. Excutive Assistant. Our donor commenced donating in 2013 which resulted in twins through an unknown agency. Our donor donated in 2014 through Donor Nexus resulting in conception of twins. We were recipients of our donor's eggs in May 2015 (donor's third donation) through Donor Nexus with a daughter due Jan 2016. Girl 
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  Born Aug 31, 1988. Started donating May 1, 2015. Stopped donating May 30, 2015. White. Height: 5'3. Weight: 110. Blood type O-. Dark Brown Wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. College. Private Flight Attendant. Christian. Egg Donor
Posted 02/16/16
Updated on 02/16/16 by DonorNexus1150.
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21-102 Born May 15, 1973. Started donating Mar 28, 1999. Stopped donating Aug 2, 2003. Irish, German, British. Height: 5'7". Weight: 139. Blood type A+. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Chaffey College AA. Stay at home mom. Christian. EGG DONOR. Girl born Mar 12, 2004
Girl born Mar 12, 2004
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204 Born Jul 13, 1981. Polish, Italian. Height: 5'7. Weight: 130. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Boy born Jul 6, 2011
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294 Born 1971. Started donating Jul 15, 1999. Irish, Swedish, English, Scottish. Height: 6'04". Weight: 200. Blood type O+. Blonde Wavy hair. Green eyes. Medium complexion. 4.4 High School, 3.6 Bachelors, 3.3 Masters. Attorney, Writer. Protestant. Zygen donor. Girl born Dec 17, 2004
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631 Height: 5'9". Red hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Read message posted 12/03/14
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890 Born Jan 21, 1977. Started donating Oct 2004. Irish, Welsh, Hungarian, Slovac. Height: 5'6". Weight: 115. Blood type O+. Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Bachelors Degree, 3.53 GPA, 138 IQ. Real estate agent and actress. Christian. CA egg donor #890 is an only child who loves acting and dancing and is fluent in French and Spanish. Boy born Aug 23, 2005
Read message posted 02/26/08
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1183 Blonde Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Girl born Oct 13, 2013
Posted 11/05/13
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11687 Blonde Straight hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. BA. Girl born Oct 13, 2013
Posted 11/05/13
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91624 Born Apr 1987. Started donating Sep 1, 2013. Stopped donating Sep 2, 2014. Height: 5'7". Weight: 124. Blood type A+. Blonde Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Egg Donor
Posted 01/23/17
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