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Dr. Levinson, Carl J.

3838 California Street San Francisco, CA  USA · (415)-750-6400

Dr. Levinson is retired, so the address and phone number above are obsolete, but they are the ones he used when he was practicing.

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unknown Born Apr 22, 1949. Started donating Sep 17, 1979. Stopped donating Sep 5, 1986. White; American citizen; my genetics are almost half Swedish; some Scotch-Irish; some English; a bit of German; a small touch of Dutch. Height: 6 feet, 3 inches. Weight: 160 pounds. Dark Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Olive complexion. Master of Arts degree in Zoology, University of California at Berkeley. Evolutionary Biologist (reseacher); teacher; environmental leader. Religion:Other. I worked for Dr. Levinson indirectly, giving the semen samples to a Dr. H. Stewart Kimball, who gave these samples to Dr. Levinson. I worked for Dr. Kimball for his own patients as well. All semen samples that I supplied to these two doctors were fresh, not frozen. My hair was dark brown when I worked for these doctors; it is now mostly gray. Sperm Donor
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EASTBAY MATCH #1 Born Feb 21, 1949. Started donating Aug 24, 1979. Stopped donating Feb 6, 1987. German, Irish, English. Height: 6 foot, 1 inch. Weight: 175 lbs. Blood type A+. Brown Wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Medium complexion. I was part of Doctor H. Stewart Kimball�s �stable,� as he liked to call it. Fresh, not frozen, samples were delivered to his office or to various other doctors around the Bay Area as per his direction. The samples delivered to his office were used in that building or taken to other doctors, sometimes to San Francisco or Contra Costa County. I have date and time records of each donation and notation of where it was delivered. Where the sample was finally administered I have no way of knowing. Of those that I know went to Dr. Levinson sometimes Dr. Kimball would have it sent and twice I drove it to the emergency room at Children's Hospital in S. F. Sperm Donor
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