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Foundation For The Continuity Of Mankind

P. O. Box 9449 Moscow, ID  83843  USA · (208)-883-5511

Main office was in Moscow, ID, also had a place in Spokane, WA at 1209 West First Avenue, phone was 509-838-1167 (under same name). Also called The Foundation For the Continuity of Mankind. Floyd Kimble was the head and founder. He was wealthy, wanted to preserve human genetic material for the future. He is deceased. I do not know if this sperm bank is still in existence. Apparently the semen samples were never used to inseminate any women, just stored to be used someday. Maybe they have been used without my knowledge of it by now. Nurse there was Jeannie Schneider; a manager was Dora Vaux until she left in 1995; Bruce Denend was an office manager; Judy Linn was a lab worker.

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unknown Born Apr 22, 1949. Started donating Jan 5, 1994. Stopped donating Dec 19, 1997. White; American citizen; my genetics are almost half Swedish; some Scotch-Irish; some English; a bit of German; a small touch of Dutch. Height: 6 feet, 3 inches. Weight: 160 pounds. Blood type A+. Dark Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Olive complexion. Master of Arts, University of California at Berkeley. Evolutionary Biologist (reseacher); teacher; environmental leader. Religion:Other. Sperm Donor
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