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First4Fertility/Fertility First/Sperm Direct

Reading, Berkshire,  GBR

An online fertility company that acted as a go between, between recipients and fresh sperm donors. The company was ultimately closed down when the founders were found guilty of providing sperm without a licence. The court case stated that it was estimated that 800 women had signed up to us this service.

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21/22/1001/B Started donating Nov 7, 2007. Stopped donating Jun 25, 2008. Asian. Height: 1.7m. Weight: 76kg. Blood type B+. Black hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. BSc Business IT. HAPPY TO PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP OF POSSIBLE MATCH! I am a mother of a beautiful 7 year boy, concieved by donor sperm in 2008 and gave birth in 2009, from London, looking for half siblings of my little man! I used an online service where they delivered fresh sperm to your home, at the time it was a perfect solution but two years later the men running it got jailed for illegally running the business from their basement and all the data base was taken by police. I am not sure if all these donor characteristic are true as I requested for an Asian donor but my son is not Asian, he's skin is more fair and looks Caucasian, also not 100% sure on dates, but year is correct. Boy born Mar 9, 2009
Posted 01/26/16
Updated on 02/14/16 by Sweetz_pari4u.
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61/1001/A Born 1978. Stopped donating Dec 2007. Caucasion. Height: 6ft 6. Weight: 13 stone. Brown hair. Blue eyes. BA (Hons) English and History. Help desk and Project co-ordinator for a premiership football club. Married, Two children with wife, one a girl. Boy born Jul 2008
Posted 07/16/12
Updated on 07/17/12 by Vixter1970.
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