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London Gynaecology and Fertility Centr

112A Harley Street London,  w1G 7JH  GBR
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unknown White. Height: 1.78. Weight: 76. Dark Brown hair. Blue eyes. Security. I'm a Boy born Oct 3, 1994
Posted 02/13/16
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unknown Born 1980. White (born in Ukraine). Height: 1.80 m. Weight: 75 kg. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. BSc. Banker. No Religion (Atheist). Initial fertility treatment took place at London Fertility Centre but donor sperm was bought in from London Women's Clinic. I have documentation to suggest that the sperm donation was made in March 2002. HFEA has advised that my children have 21 donor-conceived genetic half siblings, as follows: 2005: 3 female, 2 male 2006: 6 female, 6 male 2008: 2 male 2009: 1 female 2011: 1 female. Boy born 2006
Girl born 2010
Girl born 2012
Posted 02/21/15
Updated on 02/21/15 by TribalMum.
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LH089 White. Height: 1.80m. Weight: 64kg. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Goldsmith/student. Girl born Mar 19, 1997
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Updated on 08/26/13 by Dorothy byrne.
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