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Dr. Benjamin (Buffalo NY)

Buffalo, NY  USA
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unknown Born Nov 22, 1946. Started donating Oct 15, 1968. Stopped donating Jun 15, 1972. German, English. Height: 6 feet. Weight: 150 pounds. Blood type O+. Brown Curly hair. Blue eyes. Olive complexion. BA Philosophy, MD. MD. Christian. I became Alcoholic/chemically dependent. Now recovering 41 years. Married. Raised 2 children. Have 6 grandchildren. Just finished 4th year professional art school. Taking 5th year different school. Many in family live to mid nineties. Had counseling for one year when people began saying of my boy, George, "He looks just like you, moves like you, has the same personality as you", and I realized I had many other children who looked like me, acted like me, and were in at least some sense mine. As part of my grieving I drew a picture with 30 children in it of all sorts. Charlie a friend of mine said, "George, they look just like you!" I have kept a bowel in my house full of small shells that represent to me and remind me of "my children". I sobbed the entire time as I read an article in the Minneapolis paper about donors/children, and have cried often since. My wife and children all support me in adding myself to the registry. Sperm Donor
Posted 06/19/16
Updated on 06/20/16 by GeorgeELundgren.
Posted by Sperm Donor
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