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Infertility & IVF Center of St Louis (Dr. Wilbois)

3009 N Ballas Rd Suite 359C St. Louis, MO  63131  USA

Ronald P.Wilbois. Was a private fertility clinic, no longer in business.

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ANONYMOUS Born Jan 4, 1968. Started donating Mar 1991. Stopped donating Aug 1995. Norwegian, Swedish, other. Height: 5 ' 7". Weight: 140. Blonde Wavy hair. Green eyes. Medium complexion. Education. Teacher. Christian. Dates are approximate (mid-late 90s) donated twice through the infertility and IVF Clinic of St. Louis (closed 2010) with dr Ronald p Wilbois (retired). Fairly certain offspring were born, I was an annonymous donor, but am willing to do a DNA if a potential match. Also, eggs were shipped to CA. Had 3 children (all female and young) when donated and submitted their picture as part of my fike with this clinic. Lived in St. Louis at time of donations, I am still local. Also donated once with what was known as "jewish clinic--located at Barnes on kings highway), never met the MD. ****MEDICAL UPDATE: I have been recently diagnosed with a rare, serious genetic disease. Confirmed by genetic testing by medical/genetic laboratories and specialists. I am a carrier for Severe Combined Imunedefeciency (SCIDS), which is deadly to newborn baby males, X-linked, and autosominal recessive, although science is not clear on the specific variances of my genes..."unknown significance", as to if this genetic variance may be autosominal dominant, as my children are now having sons, the gene is indeed being passed onto my offspring. In addition to the SCIDS, I also have Common Variable Immunedefeciency (CVID), also genetic and prognosis is poor. Treatment is weekly plasma (blood) infusions from healthy donors. I am posting as I did not have a choice as to remain annonymous when originally donating. These ares serious and deadly genetic flaws. Egg Donor
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