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NOTE: Information shown below has been voluntarily submitted by individuals interested in establishing mutually desired contact between half-siblings and/or donors (genetic relatives).

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LONDON Born 1994. Caucasian. Height: 6'-6". Weight: 230. Blood type O+. Blonde Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Olive complexion. 4 yrs high school, 1yr college. Student. Girl born Jun 2, 2016
Girl born Jan 26, 2018
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3099 Born Apr 2, 1987. Started donating Jul 22, 2015. Irish, Spanish, German. Height: 5'9". Weight: 135. Blood type O-. Light Brown Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. BS in Social Science from Boise State University. Be in upper management within the next year and continue working my way up at my job at a Correctional Center. No Religion (Atheist). Has 2 siblings: Sister-blonde, blue, 5'9''-interested in veterinary Sister-brown, hazel, 5'9''-interested in health care Other special skills/talents/abilities: Very athletic. I played sports and danced since I was three years of age. I am a quick learner and do not have to try hard to learn new things, it seems as though they come natural. I am a doer and a leader. Why be an egg donor: My fiance and I have decided not to have children together. He has three and I treat them as my own. I would like the opportunity to give back to individuals who are in need of assistance. Important qualities for Intended Parents: Responsible, loving, and are having kids for the right reason. They also need to be adamant about maintaining their relationship which I believe is imperative to being good parents and demonstrating what a good relationship looks and sounds like to their children. Girl born Jan 29, 2017
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