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Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine

361 Hospital Road, Suite 333 Newport Beach, CA  92663  USA · (949) 642-8727 · WWW
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unknown Born Nov 5, 1968. Started donating Oct 1, 1994. Stopped donating Jun 30, 1996. Caucasian. Height: 5'0". Weight: 110 lbs. Blood type O+. Blonde Straight hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Bachelors Degree. Marketing. Christian. June 2018: In my mid-20's, I was living in my hometown of Newport Beach, CA after graduating college. I was working hard, living with roommates, but not making much money yet. My roommate introduced me to the idea of egg donation in 1994, which sounded like a great way to not only help pay off my student loans, but also help families that were struggling to conceive. In addition to helping me out in my young life, it seemed like a karmically nice thing to do. I donated eggs twice, presumably to two different families. My first egg retrieval was Halloween 1994, I'm pretty sure, but it's possible that it could have been Halloween 1995. The second retrieval was in Spring 1996. Both were done with Dr. Robert Anderson in Newport Beach, CA at his facility across the street from Hoag Hospital. I'm happily married now with two boys, ages 17 and 10 years old. I'm interested in making a connection with my donor offspring, should they be interested, to resolve any curiosity about their heritage or questions they may have. I currently live about half an hour east of San Francisco, where I've lived for close to 20 years now. Egg Donor
Posted 06/12/18
Updated on 06/13/18 by Nbmom68.
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