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Rose Medical Center (See Donor Screen. for Insem)

Denver, CO  USA
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unknown Born Apr 18, 1960. Started donating Jan 1, 1985. Stopped donating Dec 31, 1987. Swedish German English. Height: 6'. Weight: 165. Blonde Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. MBA. Banker/Engineer. Donated during 1985-1987 in Denver area. Donation wasn't to a bank but to an agency brokered to various doctors by a company located at Rose Medical Center office building. While I was paid a token amount, I also really liked the idea of helping families that struggled with infertility as my wife at the time and I did. The donations were sent by taxi cab. I am interest in knowing of the existence of any offspring, I am curious how their lives have gone. I am open to sharing family and medical history, meeting and even having a relationship that works for both of us. I have DNA registered on and 23And Me if you suspect a relationship and want to confirm. Sperm Donor
Posted 09/13/19
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unknown Height: 6'1. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Medical. Procedure was performed under Dr Gottesfeld who was at the Women's Heath Clinic right by Rose Medical Center. Donor might have been around age 31 in 1985. Also believe semen might have been transported by taxi cab right before insemination which would have taken place around feb/march 1985. Might have been blood type O+. There may have been a lady in the office by the name of Jan. I'm a Girl born Dec 21, 1985
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unknown Born Apr 5, 1967. Started donating Aug 1, 1987. Stopped donating Sep 30, 1989. Caucasian. Height: 6' 0". Weight: 195. Blood type A+. Red-Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Masters. Christian. The donor bank may have been "Research Associates." I was in ROTC at University of Colorado, Boulder at the time of donation and later spent 23 years in the US Marines. Sperm Donor
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Posted by Sperm Donor
POSSSIBLY #44 Born Apr 1952. Started donating Aug 12, 1980. Stopped donating Jun 6, 1989. European Mix. Height: 5 feet, 9 inches. Weight: 145 then, 165 now. Blood type O+. Light Brown Straight hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. 4 year College degree. Small business. Protestant. I always made deliveries to Colorado OB-GYN Associates, later shortened to "The OB-GYN Assocites", the office of Dr. Manford Oliphant , a clinic a little South of Rose Hospital, so I assume that Rose was the hospital I should list. Dr Oliphant had partners occaionally, as the names Charles R Freed, MD, and Anthony L Angelo, MD, and Dennis M, Weisbrod, MD, would sometimes appear on the envelopes from the clinic. The Address on most of the checks was 1955 Pennsylvania, but I did not deliver there. I think it might have been on E 9th or E. 8th. I almost always delivered to a small clinic a little South of Rose medical center, I think it was on a second or third floor of a small building. and once up in Westminster, Possibly 8406 Clay Street (the address on one check) For a time I worked in a hospital Lab and X-ray department. My brother, a doctor, had been invited to donate, but his wife objected, so he suggested I become a donor, and gave me the contact information, as we shared the same good health and high intelligence which seemed desirable at the time. I was sometimes called "the brown haired donor" and one other donor was referred to as "The blond donor" (possibly Rose #66) The reason I might be donor # 44 is that it seemed to fit my profile, which I read years ago on this site, and can't seem to find again. As soon as I find one offspring I should know my donor number. I joined "23 & Me" (by far the best of the genetic testing lab I found) thinking I might find some very close relatives, but the closest relatives they had on file were 3rd cousins. I had hoped one or more of my offspring might have joined 23 & Me. I joined "Ancestry .com" but have very little trust in their testing methods, I also sent off a sample to National Geographic's "Genotype 2" which is a lot of fun, but not nearly as useful, as the health profile on 23 & me discovered a couple of very interesting genetic traits, which I will happily share with any close genetic relatives. Sperm Donor
Posted 09/25/18
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Posted by Sperm Donor
UNKNOWN Light Brown hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. I'm a Girl born Nov 18, 1985
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44 White. Height: 5'10". Weight: 160. Blood type O+. Light Brown hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. College graduate. Cardio tech. Protestant. The semen was delivered to Rose Medical Center by taxi in a glass (peanut butter type) jar!. Boy born Mar 25, 1986
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  White. Height: 5' 10". Weight: 160. Blood type O+. Light Brown hair. Blue eyes. College Grad. Cardiotech. Protestant. I have the original paperwork that my mom used to select the donor. Any siblings should be tested for Lynch Syndrome. I'm a Girl born Nov 12, 1984
Posted 09/25/18
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81 Started donating 1983. White. Height: 6'1". Weight: 158 lbs. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Medical. I am looking for my biological father or siblings. My donor was a medical student and donated in 83-84. I was born in 84. He had blond hair, blue eyes, slim build, 6'1" and 158 lbs and white. The ID number is 81! A taxi driver drove him the day of the donation at Rose Medical Center in Denver, CO. If you have any info please contact me. Read message posted 11/14/13
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143 Born 1960. Started donating Jan 2, 1991. French/German/canadian. Height: . Blood type A+. Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. Anatomy and physiology. Medicine. Might have a son or nephew named Tom Martin. And mighty have a niece named Nancy Martin. Donor¬ís mother was a registered nurse and a voice teacher maybe even a professional singer. Father was a medical doctor and OB/GYN in Louisiana he had two sisters. He was 30-31 when he started donating sperm with Repository for Germinal Choice 1/2/91. He was 30 years old. Boy born Aug 1, 1995
Girl born Apr 29, 1998
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