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London Women's Clinic, UK/Hallam Medical Center

London,  GBR

Formerly Hallam Medical Clinic Dr. Bridget Mason. Please list as much identifying information as possible, as donor numbers may not be enough. From the clinic: "The codes on the catalogue for individual donors are managed by a different database and the same donor has different codes throughout their 10 family limit - so people with the same donor code are likely to have different donors."

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unknown British / Turkish / Cypriot. Height: 185. Blood type AB+. Dark Brown hair. Green eyes. Olive complexion. HND. Engineer. No Religion (Atheist). Donors father originated from Cyprus, mother from Turkey, donor himself is British. Boy born Oct 24, 2005
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unknown Born 1985. Started donating Jan 1, 2006. Stopped donating Dec 1, 2013. White Brazilian. Height: 1.70. Weight: 82kg. Blood type O+. Dark Brown hair. Brown eyes. Law Student. Student. Roman Catholic. Boy born Feb 8, 2009
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unknown Born 1980. White (born in Ukraine). Height: 1.80 m. Weight: 75 kg. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. BSc. Banker. No Religion (Atheist). My initial treatment took place at London Fertility Centre, but the donor sperm was brought in from London Women's Clinic. HFEA has advised of the following donor conceived genetic half siblings of my children: 2005: 3 female, 2 male 2006: 6 female, 6 male 2008: 2 male 2009: 1 female 2011: 1 female. Boy born 2006
Girl born 2010
Girl born 2012
Posted 02/21/15
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unknown Born 1982. Started donating 2004. Stopped donating 2010. Brazilian. Height: 6 foot 2. Dark Brown hair. Brown eyes. Olive complexion. Architect / Student of Architecture. This lovely donor apparently has a port wine birthmark. He also did not do a pen sketch. Girl born Sep 2009
Boy born Dec 2010
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unknown Born 1965. White British (but father Turkish). Height: 1.73. Weight: 76 kg. Blood type O+. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Girl born 2008
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unknown White British. Height: 1.78m. Weight: 70kg. Blood type A+. Dark Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Medium complexion. BSc sports science. Actor. Boy born 2008
Posted 11/05/12
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unknown White. Girl born Sep 18, 1987
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unknown Born 1961. Started donating May 2007. Stopped donating Sep 2007. Greek Cypriot. Height: 5'10". Weight: 14 Stone. Dark Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. BSc (Hons) Mathematics. Finance/IT Consultant. Christian. Sperm Donor
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unknown Born Aug 12, 1967. Started donating 2007. Stopped donating 2010. White. Height: 6'2" - 188cm. Weight: 12st10lb - 81kg. Blood type O+. Light Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Graduate. Accountancy/Banking. Sperm Donor
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unknown Started donating Sep 2004. Stopped donating Nov 2006. Irish. Blonde Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Engineer. Boy born Aug 27, 2005
Girl born Sep 1, 2007
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LH091 Brown hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. Jewish. Sperm was bought in from another clinic. Boy born Dec 10, 2001
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LWC192 Born 1990. Started donating Jan 1, 2012. White British. Height: 1.80m. Weight: 79kg. Blood type A+. Dark Brown hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. BA Archaeology and Anthropology. Student. No Religion (Atheist). Available at the London Sperm Bank from late 2011/early 2012. Used at the London Women's Clinic. As at August 2016, nine donor siblings reported to the HFEA. Boy born Nov 5, 2012
Posted 08/01/16
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LWC40 Caucasian (British). Height: 5'11 3/4. Blood type O+. Brown hair. Green eyes. Business development manager. Girl born 1999
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  Started donating 1997. Stopped donating 2003. Height: 5'11 - 6'. Weight: 12 stone. Light Brown hair. Green eyes. Medium complexion. Business Development Manager. Girl born 2000
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LWC65 White. Height: 5'8. Weight: Medium build, 75kg. Blood type O+. Light Brown hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Lighting Technician. Easy going person. Happy to mediate. Good at making things. Practical. If you are the donor, or have a child you think may be a sibling please contact me by logging onto the site. Boy born Aug 14, 2003
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POSSIBLY 2 DONORS ("TUFTY" AND UNKNOWN) British nationality. Height: 6'2". Blood type A-. Straight hair. Grey eyes. 4 A-levels, 9 O-levels, Osteophathy school in London in 1989. 77 Hallam Street & 112 Harley Street, London. My son was conceived through reported mixed donor inseminations (perhaps 2). Details of ONE DONOR called "Tufty", 19 year old student osteopath in 1989, had one brother, British nationality, Church of England religion, grey/green eyes, brownish/blond hair, white complexion, height 6'2", A- bloodtype, received 4 A-levels, 9 O-levels. OTHER DONOR discontinued by Feb.6, 1990 (as per clinic notes.). Boy born Mar 29, 1990
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26LWC Height: 1.75 m. Dark Brown hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. Financial consultant. Girl born Jun 1999
Posted 10/06/13
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  Caucasian, British. Height: 5'9". Weight: 11 stone. Blood type AB+. Dark Brown hair. Brown eyes. Financial consultant. Boy born 1999
Girl born 2002
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  White/caucasian. Height: 5' 9". Weight: 70kg. Blood type AB+. Dark Brown hair. Brown eyes. Medium complexion. Financial Consultant. Boy born Apr 23, 1999
Posted 06/02/09
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41LWC Height: 6ft 3". Weight: 85kg. Blood type AB+. Brown hair. Green eyes. Student. Student. Very limited details supplied. Girl born Jun 19, 1999
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80 Born 1979. Caucasian. Height: 1.76. Blood type B-. Dark Brown hair. Fair complexion. BA Politics & Philosophy LLB. Boy born 2011
Posted 12/30/19
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  Height: 176. Blood type B-. Dark Brown hair. Fair complexion. BA Politics and Philosophy; LLB; Master of philosophy. No Religion (Atheist). Girl born 2015
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