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Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY

New York City, NY  USA

Also see listings under Dr. Leonard Dourmashkin, Dr. Richard Moss, and Dr. Sharon Diamond. Klingenstein Pavillion is part of Sinai Hospital.

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unknown Jewish. I'm a Girl born Jan 1984
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Posted by Offspring
unknown MD. Jewish. My donor was an MD who provided donations in the late 1940s and early 1950s (before Donor ID#s were required). He probably stopped providing donations around 1954. He worked as a surgeon at Mt Sinai hospital in New York City and DNA evidence from his family members indicates that his name was Robert A Nabatoff. He passed away in 2002. At this point in time, I have identified two half sisters. I'm a Boy born Mar 1, 1951
Girl born Nov 7, 1951
Posted 03/30/18
Updated on 09/09/18 by Rnrd99.
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unknown Born Dec 3, 1954. Started donating 1975. Stopped donating 1979. African American. Height: 5'10". Weight: 160-175. Blood type AB+. Dark Brown Wavy hair. Dark Brown eyes. Light Brown complexion. Medical School. MD. Baptist. Sperm Donor
Posted 01/10/16
Updated on 01/10/16 by Viking54.
Posted by Sperm Donor
unknown Caucasian. Height: 5'6?. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Attended mt sinai medical school. Looking for a sperm donor who was a resident at Mount Sinai in 1983. Donation likely occurred in summer of 1982. My mother worked with Dr Richard Lumiere. My mother was told donor was 5'6, Italian with blue eyes. Can not be sure if these details are accurate. Also looking for any potential siblings. I'm a Girl born 1983
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Updated on 08/27/14 by AHM.
Posted by Offspring
unknown Looking for a sperm donor who was a resident at Mount Sinai in 1986. Donation likely occurred in summer of 1986. My mother worked with Dr Richard Lumiere (whose offices were and still are on Central Part South) for the AI. Donor is likely tall with brown hair and brown eyes. Also looking for any potential siblings. I'm a Boy born Feb 8, 1987
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Updated on 12/05/13 by Mbrun12.
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unknown Caucasian (Irish/German/Dutch). Height: 5'6". Homemaker?. Spouse a musician. Also donated to another couple. Donation sometime prior to January 1991 (7 eggs donated, 5 fertilized, 3 implanted - triplet birth 9/26/91). Delivered by Dr. Michael Brodman at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. I'm a Girl born Sep 26, 1991
Girl born Sep 26, 1991
Boy born Sep 26, 1991
Posted 11/23/12
Updated on 11/24/12 by Cjd261.
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unknown Born Jun 11, 1969. American: French, Irish, English, Swiss, German. Blood type B+. Blonde Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Donated 11/95. Egg Donor
Posted 09/30/16
Updated on 03/15/18 by HEP611.
Posted by Egg Donor
unknown I'm a Girl born Nov 2, 1992
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Updated on 09/29/18 by FleetingFoxes.
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unknown Born Feb 9, 1959. Started donating 1980. Stopped donating 1983. White. Height: 5'11". Weight: 210. Blood type O-. Brown Curly hair. Grey eyes. Fair complexion. Jewish. Sperm Donor
Read message posted 12/24/08
Updated on 12/25/08 by Askjonathan.
Posted by Sperm Donor
unknown Scotish/ english. Height: 5'3". Weight: 112. Blood type O+. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. BA Smith College Comparable Liturature. Dancer, singer. Catholic. Mother dancer, father meteorologist. Girl born Aug 1995
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C. 1965 I'm a Girl born Mar 27, 1966
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Updated on 09/04/08 by Carolaconforti.
Posted by Offspring
C. 1976 I was born in New York City in 1977. I have been told that I was conceived at Mt. Sinai or the office of Dr. Richard Moss (the doctor involved with the procedure). To the best of my knowledge, the donor was a medical student, resident or doctor. I would like to meet my donor or any potential siblings who might be out there. I look forward to hearing from you. I'm a Boy born Jul 1977
Read message posted 11/20/05
Updated on 09/04/08 by NYC1977.
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C. 1981, 1983 Started donating Oct 1980. Stopped donating Nov 1983. Caucasian. Height: Medium. Fair complexion. Medical school. OBGYN physician at Mt. Sinai. Boy born Aug 13, 1981
Girl born Sep 30, 1981
Boy born Aug 22, 1984
Read message posted 04/20/07
Updated on 09/04/08 by Aprimartin.
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C. 1984 Started donating Apr 1, 1984. Russian Jew. Height: Over 6'. Weight: Unk. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Jewish. Girl born May 1985
Read message posted 01/02/06
Updated on 09/04/08 by Rachelsmom.
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C. 1986 (1) Caucasian. Height: 6'2". Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Jewish. I'm a Girl born Mar 15, 1987
Read message posted 12/19/05
Updated on 09/04/08 by Scootsincutoffs.
Posted by Offspring
C. 1986 (2) Donor was presumably a Mt. Sinai resident or doctor. Donations occurred in October of 1986. I'm a Boy born Jun 1987
Read message posted 01/07/08
Updated on 09/04/08 by E.H.
Posted by Offspring
C. 1986 (3) Probably german and english. Height: 6'1. Brown hair. Blue eyes. OBGYN resident. I'm a Girl born May 30, 1987
Posted 09/03/08
Updated on 03/29/19 by Ks87.
Posted by Offspring
EGG DONOR 1993 TO 1994 Born Nov 23, 1966. Started donating Sep 1, 1993. Stopped donating Nov 15, 1994. Caucasian; celtic. Height: 5'4". Weight: 133. Blood type A+. Brown Straight hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. BA and Juris Doctor. Lawyer (law student at time of donation). Roman Catholic. My eyes are blue/grey/green. My hair is brown with a touch of gold/red, more chestnut than real auburn. Egg Donor
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Updated on 09/04/08 by Anniejones.
Posted by Egg Donor
EGG DONOR 1993 TO 2001 Born Sep 20, 1972. Started donating 1993. Stopped donating 2001. Caucasion. Height: 5'5". Weight: 140. Blood type A+. Strawberry Blond Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Egg Donor
Read message posted 08/24/05
Updated on 09/04/08 by Arinhb.
Posted by Egg Donor
EGG DONOR 1996 I was an egg donor while I lived in New York City. The harvest was in November of 1996, and the fertity clinic was Mt. Sinai in NYC. The Dr. was Alan Cooperman. I don't know if I had a donor number. I am willing to contact any offsprings from the donation. Recently, I gave birth to a daughter-conceived through sperm donation/IUI!. Child
Posted 08/18/03
Updated on 09/04/08 by Olivia_elvis.
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109 Born 1970. Started donating 1994. Stopped donating 1996. Jewish. Height: 5'10". Weight: 160. Blood type O+. Brown Wavy hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. J.D. Attorney. Jewish. Sperm Donor
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Posted by Sperm Donor
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