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East Bay Fertility Medical Group

2999 Regent Street, Suite 225 Berkeley, CA  94705  USA · 510-841-5510

Doctors were Aaron Chinn, Heinrick Beernink, Ferdinand Beernink, and Amen Ness. Office assistants were named Lisa Justi, Jan, Linda, Laurel, Beth, and Debbie. Many or all of these doctors are retired now, so the address and phone number could be obsolete. Drs. Chinn and Ness may still be practicing; both Beernincks are retired. 2011: Dr. Chinn says all records were destroyed 10 years ago.

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unknown Caucasian. Height: 6'2". Dark Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Fair complexion. Donor info is a guess, but the donor was apparently chosen to match my father's appearance, so I've filled in some of that info here. I'm a Boy born Oct 18, 1982
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unknown Caucasian. Height: 6'2". Weight: 170. Blood type A-. Blonde Curly hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Engineering student at UC Berkeley. Unitarian. Country of father's ancestors: U.K. Country of mother's ancestors: Netherlands Graduate of University of Vermont, 3.0 GPA. I'm a Boy born Mar 18, 1996
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unknown I'm a Girl born Feb 18, 1977
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C. 1970 Blonde hair. Blue eyes. I'm a Girl born Jan 1971
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C. 1977, 1979 Started donating Jun 1, 1977. Height: 5'10". Blue eyes. Hair color was requested to be light blond, brown or light-light red. Also requested no known family diseases and a UC med student with a small build. I'm a Girl born Jan 16, 1980
Girl born Mar 30, 1978
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C. 1978-1979 SCHOOL YEAR Dark Brown eyes. Possibly medical student at UC in SF. Sperm donated at offices of Beernink & Beernink in Berkeley. Boy born Aug 1979
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C. 1979 Caucasion. Height: Tall?. Blonde Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. I'm a Boy born Mar 5, 1980
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C. 1979, FEB. Dr. F. Beernink performed the procedure on 2/12/79. I'm a Boy born Nov 6, 1979
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C. 1980, JULY Caucasian. Height: 6'3". Weight: 160 lbs. Blood type A+. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. I'm a Girl born Apr 19, 1981
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C. 1981, SEPT. Started donating 1981. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Med Student. Dr. Beernink performed the procedure on September 21, 1981. I'm a Girl born Jun 8, 1982
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C. 1982, AUG. - SEPT. Northern European. Height: Unknown. Weight: Unknown. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Education unknown. We were told my donor had a Muscular build, blonde hair and blue eyes. Hieght is unknown although I, myself share my mother¬ís height, we are both 5'2". I tend to share my mother's features except for my coloring and some other select features. I'm a Girl born Jun 5, 1983
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C. 1983 TO 1989 Born Apr 22, 1949. Started donating Dec 23, 1983. Stopped donating Jun 26, 1989. White; American citizen; my genetics are almost half Swedish; some Scotch-Irish; some English; a bit of German; a small touch of Dutch. Height: 6 feet, 3 inches. Weight: 160 pounds. Blood type A+. Dark Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Olive complexion. Master of Arts degree in Zoology, University of California at Berkeley. Evolutionary Biologist (reseacher); teacher; environmental leader. Religion:Other. I supplied fresh, not frozen, semen when I worked here. My hair was dark brown when I worked here; it is mostly gray now. Sperm Donor
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C. 1985, AUG. Caucasian. I'm a Girl born May 28, 1986
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C. 1986 Scots Irish, Scandinavian. Height: 5'11". Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. PdD. Boy born Apr 11, 1987
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C. 1988, DEC. African America/caucasian?. Height: 6'. Dark Brown Curly hair. Green eyes. UC Berkeley Public Health. Girl born Sep 6, 1989
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C. 1990, SEPT. Started donating Sep 10, 1990. Stopped donating Sep 10, 1990. German, English. Height: 5'10". Weight: 155. Blood type O+. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Student at UCB?. Studying economics?. Boy born May 7, 1991
Girl born May 7, 1991
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CEK Girl born Dec 1995
Girl born Dec 1995
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  French/Irish/1/4 Amer. Indian (Blackfoot, Crow). Height: 6'O". Weight: 190. Blood type A-. Dark Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Medium complexion. UC Berkeley student. Photojournalism Major. Performed by Dr. Aaron Chinn. Boy born Aug 1998
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  French/Irish/American Indian (1/4). Height: 6'. Weight: 190. Blood type A-. Dark Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Medium complexion. Boy born Dec 4, 1994
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  Stopped donating Sep 1996. French/Irish/1/4 American Indian. Height: 6' 1". Weight: 185. Blood type A-. Dark Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Medium complexion. Girl born Apr 11, 1996
Posted 02/11/08
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  French/Irish/1/4 Amer. Indian (Blackfoot, Crow). Height: 6'O". Weight: 190. Blood type A-. Dark Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Medium complexion. Performed by Dr. Aaron Chinn. Boy born Apr 2001
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  French, Irish, American Indian. Height: 6'1. Weight: 185. Photojournalism Major - UCB. We saw him at the clinic by mistake. Boy born Sep 1998
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  French/Irish/American Indian. Blood type A-. Dark Brown hair. Hazel eyes. Procedure performed by Dr. Chinn. Boy born Nov 1997
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EAST BAY MATCH #2 Stopped donating Feb 1986. Greek. Berkley grad. I'm a Boy born Jul 15, 1985
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  Started donating 1985. Stopped donating 1986. Greek. Brown Curly hair. Dark Brown eyes. Olive complexion. U.C. Berkeley. His initials may be T.E., may have been in the Airforce. I'm a Girl born Feb 6, 1986
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EASTBAY MATCH #1 I'm a Boy born Oct 27, 1981
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  Born Feb 21, 1949. Started donating Aug 24, 1979. Stopped donating Feb 6, 1987. German, Irish, English. Height: 6 foot, 1 inch. Weight: 175 lbs. Blood type A+. Brown Wavy hair. Hazel eyes. Medium complexion. I was part of Doctor H. Stewart Kimball�s �stable,� as he liked to call it. Fresh, not frozen, samples were delivered to his office or to various other doctors around the Bay Area as per his direction. The samples delivered to his office were used in that building or taken to other doctors, sometimes to San Francisco or Contra Costa County. I have date and time records of each donation and notation of where it was delivered. Where the sample was finally administered I have no way of knowing. Samples for this facility were generally left at the pharmacy on the ground floor. Sperm Donor
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JTB Swedish/German/English/Irish/Finish. Height: 6'O". Weight: 155. Blood type O+. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. Music major/mechanics. Dr. Aaron Chinn performed procedure. Boy born Oct 1998
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MLH Dutch/english. Height: 6'1. Weight: 160. Blonde Curly hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Donor had several sibs, one in remission with hodgkins. one cousin deaf. no mental health history provided. Girl born Jun 8, 1995
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MLP Italian, Scottish, English. Height: 5'10". Weight: 175. Blood type O-. Brown Straight hair. Brown eyes. Olive complexion. 19 Credits at Berkeley. Major: Molecular Biology. Baseball x3 years very outgoing IQ between 120-140. I'm a Girl born 1993
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UNK DONOR # MATCH (1) Born Feb 12, 1945. Started donating 1980. Stopped donating 1990. German and English. Height: 5'8". Weight: 185. Blood type A+. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Masters degree. Computers, writing. This was the clinic of drs. Beernink, Chinn, and several other on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley. See my note re physical characteristics. Sperm Donor
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There are a total of 31 offspring, 10 sibling matches, and 2 donor to offspring matches from this Clinic.