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Miscellaneous U.S. Facilities/Clinics-1950s

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C. 1951, BUFFALO NY I was conceived and born in Buffalo, NY. The doctor was affiliated with the Hospital Medical Center. I'm a Girl born Dec 9, 1951
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Updated on 07/16/15 by Annd.
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C. 1952 BOSTON AREA Caucasian, primarily English heritage. I'm a Boy born Feb 28, 1953
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Updated on 01/23/20 by JohnPC.
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C. 1953, NYC European Jewish. I was born in NYC at Columbia University Medical Center (Sloane Hospital) in September, 1953. I believe my biological father is European Jewish. My parents were living in Washington Heights in an Armenian community. I found a half sister through, and have included her birthdate here as well. Since we are born 16 years apart, it seems likely that there are other half siblings out there, and I'm interested to connect. I'm a Girl born Sep 16, 1953
Girl born Dec 21, 1969
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C. 1957, MN Born 1930. Started donating 1955. Czech german. Height: 6. Weight: 200. Light Brown Straight hair. Blue eyes. Fair complexion. Donor was in MN but born in IA, we believe. I'm a Boy born Jul 28, 1957
Posted 10/29/16
Updated on 01/26/17 by Zimmerms.
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C. 1958 BRONX NY Ashkenazi. Brown hair. Jewish. Circa 1958- I am an only child - parents both deceased now. DNA says I am 44% Ashkenazi - I thought I was 100% Italian!. I'm a Girl born Apr 1, 1959
Posted 01/19/14
Updated on 01/19/14 by Candu534.
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CA, LOS ANGELES 1951-DR. PHILIP A. REYNOLDS Started donating Jul 1952. Caucasian. Blonde hair. Fair complexion. I'm a Girl born Apr 1952
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Updated on 04/22/08 by Ladydimarie.
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CA, LOS ANGELES 1955-DR. MOSS GYNOCOLOGIST French. Brown hair. Brown eyes. M.D. Physician or Medical Student. Lived in Los Angeles / Hollywood Area, reportedly no diabetes in family history, reportedly in 1955 was married with healthy child(ren). I'm a Girl born Jul 5, 1956
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Updated on 04/22/08 by Lisa L.
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CA, SAN FRANCISCO APPROX. 1950 Born Jul 24. Started donating 1950. Stopped donating 1951. White. Height: 6'O". Weight: 190. Blonde Straight hair. Hazel eyes. Medium complexion. BA/Masters U C Berkeley. Architecture Student UC Berkeley. Protestant. My father was a sperm donor, I am looking for siblings. Sperm Donor
Girl born Apr 1953
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Updated on 04/22/08 by Kimster.
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CA, SAN FRANCISCO APPROX. 1954 Possible med student or doctor-San Francisco. Dr. Allen Palmer, SF. I'm a Girl born 1954
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Updated on 07/31/11 by Sfgirl.
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CA, SAN FRANCISCO, C. 1956 Caucasian. The doctor's name was Allan Palmer. the insemination happened in November or December of 1956 in San Francisco at his office on Van Ness Avenue. I'm a Girl born Sep 8, 1957
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Updated on 02/10/11 by Grapeyaya.
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CA, U OF C SAN FRANCISCO MED SCHOOL 1952, 1955 University of california-San Francisco medical student. MD. Donor was a medical student for 1st procedure and practicing Dr. for the 2nd procedure. I'm a Girl born Mar 17, 1956
Girl born Jan 26, 1953
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Updated on 11/28/08 by Bonnie & diane.
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MD, BALTIMORE 1955 I'm a Girl born 1955
Read message posted 06/20/06
Updated on 04/22/08 by Susanmiller.
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NEW YORK 1952-1953 Searching for donor; insemination took place at New York Medical College, Flower and Fifth Ave. Presiding doctor was Dr. Abner Weisman. Referred to by Dr. Romano of Staten Island. I'm a Girl born 1953
Posted 03/05/03
Updated on 04/22/08 by Sandybapril2.
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NY, NEW YORK 1955 Nordic. My mother recalls positively is that the donor was of Nordic descent. She thinks the procedure was done at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. She thinks the donor was a doctor, or a resident, or an intern. I'm a Girl born Jan 2, 1956
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Updated on 08/15/10 by Cardix.
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1958, SF Dr. John Hammon (sp?) 450 Sutter Medical Building 450 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA, USA. I'm a Girl born Sep 7, 1958
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Updated on 01/23/20 by Gbetta.
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