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Miscellaneous U.S. Facilities/Clinics-1960s

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unknown Born Feb 26, 1938. Started donating Jan 2, 1959. Stopped donating Dec 31, 1966. Dark Brown hair. Brown eyes. Fair complexion. Pediatrician. I'm a Girl born Nov 14, 1962
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unknown Born Jun 5, 1937. Jewish. Height: 5 ft 10. Weight: 170. Jewish. After entering DNA in 23 and me and ancestry I discovered several half siblings. One says her mom said she did artificial insemination by a doctor in Brooklyn NY and then Long Island. Donor was Jewish born 1937. Offspring seem to have been born in the sixties.
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unknown Brown hair. Brown eyes. I'm a Girl born Jan 5, 1970
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unknown Probably medical student/resident/doctor. Jewish. Dr. John MacLeod, who was affiliated with Cornell Medical Center/NY Hospital arranged the donation in my case. I believe my three half-siblings' parents' started with their doctors. I'm a Girl born 1961
Girl born 1961
Boy born 1963
Girl born 1965
Child born Jan 1, 1965
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unknown UCSF Medical Student through Dr. Allan Palmer in San Francisco. Late 1950s to 1960. I'm a Girl born Mar 15, 1961
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unknown Born Aug 1943. Started donating 1965. Stopped donating 1969. Jewish. Brown Wavy hair. Green eyes. Fair complexion. Medical Student. Medical Student. Jewish. I'm a Girl born 1970
Girl born 1968
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C. 1960, NY/NJ AREA Started donating 1960. Jewish. I'm a Girl born Feb 4, 1961
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C. 1961 NEW YORK, NY Started donating Jan 1957. Stopped donating Jan 1968. Jewish. Height: Tall. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. Doctor or medical student. Doctor or medical student. Jewish. I am 52 years old and my parents told me very recently that my father is not my genetic father. They told me that they think the doctor donated his own sperm. I did DNA testing and have at least five half-siblings, some associated with Dr. Dourmashkin and The Margaret Sanger Clinic. I'm a Girl born May 23, 1962
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C. 1962, LONG ISLAND Boy born Jun 2, 1963
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C. 1962, SF., CA I'm a Girl born Feb 15, 1963
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C. FEB 1962, NYC My mother shared her "secret" with me in December 2017, just over one year after my lifelong father passed away. She shared that I was born through the use of a sperm donor since she was unable to have children otherwise due to Rh-negative incompatibility. The donor was a doctor with Rh-negative blood and the insemination took place in New York City. I have no further details about my donor. I was conceived in February 1962 and I have a teenage son who is also very curious about our possible biological family.
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DC, WASHINGTON, GEO WASHINGTON U. HOSPITAL 1963 Started donating 1963. Medical School. George Washington University Hospital. I'm a Girl born Jun 1964
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IL, CHICAGO 1963 &1968 I'm a Girl born Feb 19, 1968
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MD, BALTIMORE 1963 Started donating Oct 1961. Stopped donating Dec 1961. Height: Over 6". Black hair. Brown eyes. I'm a Girl born Aug 22, 1963
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MN, MINNEAPOLIS 1961, 1963, 1965 Medical Student. The Doctor who performed this procedure for all three of us was Dr. Ann Arnold. She also had an assistant named Marie Moorhead. I'm a Girl born Jul 28, 1966
Girl born Dec 6, 1963
Boy born Jul 5, 1962
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NY, BROOKLYN 1960 I believe that the donor was a Brooklyn Jewish Hospital intern or resident and the donation was made in early 1960. I'm a Boy born Oct 1960
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NY, MT. VERNON 1962 Started donating Nov 20, 1962. Caucasion. Brown eyes. My parents were told he was a resident at Mt. Vernon Hospital and that he was Jewish. I'm a Girl born Aug 27, 1963
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NY, NEW YORK 1961 My mom was inseminated between August and October of 1961 in a doctor's office. It was a urologist and it took place in NYC, probably on Park Ave. I was born May 26, 1962
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NY, NEW YORK 1968 Medical School Resident?. I am a product of donor sperm collected by Dr. John Mcleod (deceased) who was an instructor of residents at the New York Cornell (now Cornell Weil) University Hospital. The sperm was supposed to have been collected from a resident medical student at the hospital sometime around Nov. 1967. It was forwarded to Dr. Myron Buchman, my mother's ob/gyn for insemination. Dr. Mcleod made collections from Cornell Hospital residents and sent them to many physicians in New York City during that era. I know this as a result of investigation. Please reach out to me if you were a resident donor during that era or your mother's ob/gyn may have received sperm through Dr. Mcleod. I only wish relevant medical information and am willing to connect further only if it is desired. Thank you. I am married with 2 healthy children and live in New York. I'm a Boy born Aug 1968
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NY, NEW YORK CITY 1963 Brown hair. Brown eyes. Intern/resident New York Hospital. Jewish. Dr. Macleod arranged for the sperm donor. Sperm was then sent by taxi to Dr. MacKenzie's office for insemination. I'm a Boy born Jun 1964
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NY, NY UNK DONOR # MATCH (5) May be of French ancestry. NYC intern or medical student. Donation was provided to Dr. Solon Gottlieb who was affiliated with the Margaret Sanger Research Center and Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC. Girl born Nov 1969
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  What I know: the donor was supposidly a resident or intern at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. My mother gave Dr. Solon Gottlieb (who had offices on Park Ave., and also in Teaneck, NJ) a picture of my father and requested the donor have a similar background (Jewish, brown hair, brown eyes). I don't know, of course, if the donor actually had all those traits. The donation would have taken place during the summer of 1966. I'm a Girl born Apr 1967
Posted 08/31/07
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NY, NYC 1967 I was conceived by donor insemination in the private office of Dr. Leonard Ciner in October 1967. Donor was said to be a medical student in the New York area. I am 5'2" tall, light brown hair, brown eyes, Rh-. Ciner said he would seek a "dark, Eastern European, (Jewish?) donor" to match my father. Seeking more information. Girl born 1968
Posted 06/30/03
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NY, NYC 1960 I am a boy, born November 1963 in Sloan Hospital, Columbia University, N.Y. Donor was a medical student at the time. The presiding doctor at delivery was Dr. Dean J. Grandin. I have dark hair, now prematurely grey, green/blue eyes, quite fair comlexion and am 5'9". I have a brother and sister, but most certainly they were conceived through other donors. I'm a Boy born Nov 1963
Posted 09/25/05
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NY, NYC 1967, 1970 I am the mother of 2 children and was artificially inseminated twice - starting at the end of 1967. My first child was born in September, 1968. My second child was born in August 1971. I was told by my doctor that the donor was the same person for both children. I was referred to this doctor (an older female GYN) by Margaret Sanger Clinic in New York, New York (which is now Planned Parenthood). Neither my ex-husband or I remember the name of the doctor. In those days, it was the beginning of artificial insemination and everything was TOTALLY SECRETIVE. We didn't even get to chose the donor, as people are allowed to these days. The doctor chose the person and did not share any details at all except that his profile closely matched my ex-husband. All that we were told was that he was a medical school student in New York. The donor sperm came through another doctor, Dr. John McCloud (deceased). Child born Sep 1968
Child born Aug 1971
Posted 03/26/03
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NYC, C. 12/63 OR 1/64 I'm a Boy born Sep 24, 1964
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WA, SPOKANE 1968 TO 1971 Born Feb 26, 1950. Started donating Jan 1968. Stopped donating Dec 1971. Caucasian. Height: 5' 11". Weight: 165. Blood type O+. Brown Wavy hair. Blue eyes. Medium complexion. Ph.D. Historian/professional appraiser. Religion:Other. Sperm Donor
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