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At 18, my son was contacted by his half-sib.............

Posted on 07/08/08

In late 2006, I posted on the DSR and didn't have a lot of hope for success since my Fairfax donor records were from 1989. Back then, the frozen container package was shipped to us 3 times and on the final try, success! - my baby was due in March, 1990. Fast forward 18 years - my son, is now entering college as a business major. My marriage ended when he was 4. My son is independent, extremely bright, and sensitive. I've noticed that he sometimes feels very much alone and I often wondered about ''his other half' The wondering has come to an end. I was contacted last week by a lovely young lady, 6 weeks apart in age from my son. We exchanged photos and both families are in awe of the resemblance. We are all thrilled and discussions are underway to plan our first meeting.