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The Donor Sibling Registry has facilitated hundreds of sibling matches, but this number does not communicate the impact these matches have on actual lives. Therefore, we have added this page to the registry where you can share your success stories in your own words.

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Contacted my siblings parents
(Posted on 02/07/16)
Found 1/2 sibling
(Posted on 02/03/16)
Meeting our Donor
(Posted on 01/05/16)
Nothing but Positive!
(Posted on 12/21/15)
Don't give up
(Posted on 12/06/15)
My daughter and I found each other and met!
(Posted on 10/16/15)
Didn't Get to Meet My Donor, but Will Meet his Family!
(Posted on 09/29/15)
I was found by my Daughter.
(Posted on 08/26/15)
Finding My Sister!
(Posted on 08/11/15)
Cat and Jason
(Posted on 07/30/15)
Only Regret: We Didn't Register Sooner!
(Posted on 07/28/15)
Fast friends
(Posted on 07/17/15)
We Found Her!!
(Posted on 07/15/15)
Portland, Oregon Reunion
(Posted on 07/13/15)
"You're My Big Sister and I'm Your Little Sister!"
(Posted on 07/09/15)
3 Continents and Counting...
(Posted on 04/16/15)
My son discovered he has a half brother.
(Posted on 04/07/15)
9 Years of silence and then......
(Posted on 03/26/15)
A "family" wedding
(Posted on 03/03/15)
First met my half sibling when I was 14 years old
(Posted on 02/16/15)
My Son's Donor is Our Angel
(Posted on 01/22/15)
"Someone who understands!"
(Posted on 11/04/14)
Louisville success
(Posted on 09/07/14)
Amazing Adventure!
(Posted on 08/31/14)
Had so much fun meeting my half siblings @ Hershey Park!
(Posted on 08/07/14)
Triplet half brothers
(Posted on 07/30/14)
i met a new famliy
(Posted on 07/27/14)
Brother and Sister Unite
(Posted on 07/05/14)
They meet for the first time!
(Posted on 06/24/14)
Five siblings!
(Posted on 05/12/14)
"We are family, I've got all my sister (and brothers) with me"
(Posted on 05/06/14)
Egg donor found!
(Posted on 03/26/14)
Connecting with diblings far and near
(Posted on 03/17/14)
Found a sibling
(Posted on 03/15/14)
Found siblings
(Posted on 02/16/14)
Donor child found me!
(Posted on 02/05/14)
Donor Sibling Twins!!!
(Posted on 01/25/14)
Found siblings
(Posted on 01/24/14)
Thanks to all of you for your openness and honesty!
(Posted on 01/17/14)
Great connection with found sibling
(Posted on 01/11/14)
It's just nice to know
(Posted on 10/26/13)
A life of Joy Unfolding
(Posted on 08/28/13)
(Posted on 08/15/13)
1st annual family reunion
(Posted on 08/10/13)
I Love Every Contact I've Had With My Growing Family
(Posted on 07/23/13)
All in Good Time.....After 10 years my daughter has a brother :)
(Posted on 07/21/13)
Annual Family Reunion
(Posted on 07/18/13)
I'm very glad, to have a half sister now ...
(Posted on 07/07/13)
Thank you DSR!
(Posted on 05/13/13)
So glad you have a message center!!
(Posted on 04/19/13)
I'm so happy
(Posted on 03/26/13)
The BEST news in the world: Donor found me here!
(Posted on 12/21/12)
(Posted on 09/19/12)
Sibling Found on DSR
(Posted on 09/19/12)
A donor's Blog
(Posted on 05/16/12)
(Posted on 05/02/12)
4 families found so far
(Posted on 03/30/12)
32 found
(Posted on 01/23/12)
Discovered that a friend was a donor sibling
(Posted on 01/21/12)
So Glad I Joined
(Posted on 11/23/11)
Donor siblings are the best
(Posted on 11/14/11)
Another half-brother!
(Posted on 10/14/11)
Extended Family (Personal Essay by Bree)
(Posted on 10/07/11)
The power of hope and the Internet.
(Posted on 10/04/11)
(Posted on 10/01/11)
Still growing
(Posted on 09/21/11)
The New Gay Family: What Does It Mean To Have Donor Siblings
(Posted on 09/19/11)
Success story
(Posted on 09/16/11)
(Posted on 09/04/11)
Our first family reunion
(Posted on 07/26/11)
Found sperm donor (Robert)
(Posted on 06/02/11)
I know my Sperm Donor has a name, its "Daniel" .
(Posted on 05/29/11)
A very happy new beginning continued...
(Posted on 05/26/11)
A very happy new beginning
(Posted on 05/26/11)
Don't Give Up
(Posted on 03/24/11)
Able to share urgent medical information because of the DSR.
(Posted on 03/16/11)
When You Least Expect It ...
(Posted on 11/24/10)
First time was a charm!
(Posted on 11/22/10)
It's so very touching
(Posted on 10/24/10)
Quick yet weird find
(Posted on 09/16/10)
Young Family
(Posted on 08/30/10)
Making a family
(Posted on 07/27/10)
The sharing vials part of this site helped over 3 families!!!!!! I now have twins because of you!
(Posted on 07/12/10)
A Completed Family
(Posted on 02/13/10)
(Posted on 02/09/10)
The beginning of a whole new chapter for my son
(Posted on 01/21/10)
17 Siblings
(Posted on 12/14/09)
Why it is very important for your children to know the DI/DE status
(Posted on 12/12/09)
So great to find siblings for my daughter
(Posted on 11/13/09)
Wow, my son found 2 half sibs in one day!!
(Posted on 10/21/09)
Waiting for info. on a Denver Rose Medical Center's Donor
(Posted on 10/19/09)
Fourth Annual Reunion
(Posted on 10/16/09)
Looking forward to a big family
(Posted on 09/06/09)
Scared to join, but happy I did!
(Posted on 08/18/09)
Connecting an Extended Family.
(Posted on 08/01/09)
Unborn Siblings One Month Apart
(Posted on 07/16/09)
I am 13 and just found out.
(Posted on 05/16/09)
Connections we hope our daughter will enjoy.
(Posted on 03/08/09)
Joey's Smile
(Posted on 02/20/09)
And then there were 13...
(Posted on 02/10/09)
(Posted on 12/25/08)
Never too old to find a match!
(Posted on 11/19/08)
Content but Curious...
(Posted on 09/27/08)
A brother for Sean
(Posted on 08/14/08)
Our babies
(Posted on 07/23/08)
We are a family now
(Posted on 07/22/08)
Two New Sisters!
(Posted on 07/13/08)
New Little Brother!
(Posted on 07/12/08)
At 18, my son was contacted by his half-sib.............
(Posted on 07/08/08)
Our extended family!
(Posted on 07/01/08)
Another branch to our "family"
(Posted on 07/01/08)
Smile on my Face
(Posted on 05/29/08)
Yay in Canada
(Posted on 05/04/08)
Met my biological father! And found a half-brother.
(Posted on 03/24/08)
Another Match in Canada
(Posted on 03/21/08)
Another Oprah Connection!
(Posted on 03/21/08)
It took only 5 hours to receive a response
(Posted on 03/02/08)
God used Oprah and DSR to answer our prayers!
(Posted on 02/18/08)
Another Oprah Match
(Posted on 02/16/08)
Wendy and Ryan are my heros! (Oprah helped too!)
(Posted on 02/12/08)
Oprah's My Hero, too!
(Posted on 02/12/08)
Thank you Wendy and Oprah
(Posted on 02/10/08)
Amazing journey
(Posted on 01/01/08)
A "Twin" Brother!
(Posted on 11/26/07)
A meeting of seven families
(Posted on 10/09/07)
Strangers become a family, thanks to DSR
(Posted on 09/03/07)
Never expected...
(Posted on 08/25/07)
I discovered how important it is to my kids to find their donor.
(Posted on 08/09/07)
Putting the pieces back together.....
(Posted on 06/30/07)
22 and counting
(Posted on 06/26/07)
we just keep growing!!
(Posted on 06/25/07)
(Posted on 06/16/07)
My dream is happening
(Posted on 06/07/07)
A New Family is formed
(Posted on 05/28/07)
Ryan and Anna, Two Half Siblings Meet
(Posted on 04/27/07)
Two Siblings so far
(Posted on 04/25/07)
Delighted to Find Two Siblings
(Posted on 04/20/07)
My daughters found me.
(Posted on 04/10/07)
The first exciting
(Posted on 01/29/07)
The More the Merrier
(Posted on 01/24/07)
Twin Sons From Different Mothers
(Posted on 12/28/06)
The envelope please...
(Posted on 10/24/06)
Another Child to Love
(Posted on 09/06/06)
first meeting
(Posted on 04/07/06)
what a great site
(Posted on 03/29/06)
(Posted on 03/28/06)
Looking for half-sibling and ended up with a little brother also
(Posted on 03/24/06)
strange but exciting
(Posted on 03/12/06)
half of a dozen , IDANT Donor
(Posted on 03/09/06)
CCB Donor
(Posted on 02/11/06)
(Posted on 02/10/06)
Found the answers I was looking for
(Posted on 02/10/06)
Eight Boys and Two Girls!
(Posted on 02/09/06)
I found 6 siblings in less than one week of my posting! Wow!
(Posted on 02/06/06)
Oh my god
(Posted on 01/16/06)
Blessed Miracles
(Posted on 12/01/05)
500 - Fairfax Cryobank Siblings
(Posted on 11/23/05)
A story of donor siblings meeting
(Posted on 09/27/05)
Sibling Bliss
(Posted on 09/11/05)
Sweet Success
(Posted on 08/08/05)