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The Donor Sibling Registry has conducted and published research on many donor family issues. Some of this research has been in collaboration with the University of Cambridge (UK), The University of California at San Francisco, The University of Canterbury (NZ), California State University, UCSF, and many other universities and prominent private researchers.

Industry Issues

We have information pertaining specifically to the reproductive medicine industry. See HFEA (UK) numbers showing that ending donor anonymity has not lowered the number of donors. Read about how the lack of accurate record keeping has affected families who have used donor conception.

Medical Issues

The DSR has prepared several reports on the medical issues pertaining to donor families. Also included are articles that deal with medical and genetic issues. At the bottom, a list of some of the medical and genetic issues reported by DSR members.

Books & Merchandise

Three books for donor-conceived children and adults and their families, as well as DSR merchandise.


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