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We would like to help raise funds for Danielle's lawsuit against NW Cryobank. Please consider chipping in- as these are issues that can affect any of us.

We're looking for $10,000 specifically to fund this lawsuit. The lawyers are all working pro bono, so these funds would cover secondary attorneys and other hard costs.You should consider donating to this legal case if:

1. You have tested your own or your child’s DNA;
2. You plan to DNA test yourself or your child;
3. You have already or might in the future reach out to relatives via a DNA testing site;
4. You used Northwest Cryo or California Cryobank (now one and the same);
5. You donated at NW Cryo and are now forbidden to post and connect on the DSR;
6. You have vials stored at your cryobank, doctor, or clinic;
7. If you donated, used, or were created from sperm or eggs from a cryobank or clinic, consider donating to this legal fund as you too might someday need legal assistance.

From the attorney:

NW Cryobank is aggressively asserting its position against Danielle Teuscher that, it has a right to force Danielle to forfeit her rights to the gametes that she purchased and stored with NW Cryobank for no other reason than their desire to punish her for using the website 23andMe to find genetic information that her donor-conceived daughter, Zoe, may one day want to know.

The lawsuit we would like to file on behalf of Danielle and Danielle's minor daughter will center on the unfair, unconscionable and aggressive business practices of NW Cryobank. We will ask the WA federal court, among other things, to determine that NW Cryo's actions amounting to forfeiture are unconscionable under WA Consumer Protection Act. We will be prepared to certify the questions of whether a cryobank's business practice of denying the customer rights to purchased gametes and by preventing their customer from accessing health information on the donor that the cryobank has collected and has advertised that they would collect and provide to Danielle's child is unconscionable behavior.

Further, NW Cryo's trigger in denying Danielle and Zoe their rights because Danielle made contact with a genetic relative of the donor is an unconscionable act and a practice that cannot be legitimized as a proper business practice.

If we are to achieve the goal of certifying certain properly framed questions to the WA Supreme Court, we will succeed in creating new law in the state of WA which will make a legal precedent and establish that, in WA state (and other states could follow this ruling), a cryobank cannot deny their customer donor health information that they have advertised to keep and collect, they cannot penalize a customer when they contact a relative of the donor by using a genetic website where consenting adults have agreed to connect with genetic relatives, and they cannot take away someone's right to have the gametes that they have purchased as a punishment for behavior that the cryobank didn't like.

Thanks, Jill  (Attorney at Law and Mediator)

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