We provide a service that no one else does — and it takes time and money to maintain the DSR website and databases.

In addition, we are not just a simple website. We are a worldwide organization that has become the "voice" of donor families around the world — speaking at medical, legal, and bioethics symposiums and conferences, as well as researching and publishing in medical journals and numerous media outlets. We are the go-to organization when the media needs information or guidance with regard to donor conception. Wendy and Ryan Kramer started and ran the DSR with their own funds for the first 5 years until we got so big that it was impossible to keep growing our 501(c)3 charity without the help of our members. (We receive no outside funding.)

It has been many years since we have had to ask for donations as our paid memberships have been enough to sustain the DSR. However, most of our members are not paying members, as they’re donor offspring under 18 posted by their parents.

In 2018-2020 we underwent a major website rebuild, which involved redesigning the front end/CMS and recoding the entire back end: millions of lines of code and several databases that haven’t been redone since they were first built in 2003. This rebuild was crucial to ensure that the DSR website meets future internet security standards — and allows the DSR to continue to grow, serving both current and future DSR families.

Recoding and moving our databases from MySQL and PHP to Ruby on Rails and redesigning/building a new CMS cost us $275,000. The DSR operates on a Board-approved yearly budget, but the costs to rebuild the website greatly exceeded that budget. We must now look toward the future of the DSR and the continued growth of the organization and website.

We're also looking to raise funds for Danielle Teuschers lawsuit against NW Cryobank. Please consider chipping in — as these are issues that can affect any of us.

Teuscher v. CCB-NWB: Lawsuit against California Cryobank/NW Cryobank. "NW Cryo has engaged in a series of deceptive business practices...." Amended Complaint, filed August 12, 2019. Exhibit AExhibit BExhibit CSecond Amended Complaint, filed November 12, 2019. October 2019 Above the Law article: Beware Of The Home DNA Test! Mom Strikes Back Against Sperm Bank.

Were looking for $10,000 specifically to fund this lawsuit. The lawyers are all working pro bono, so these funds would cover secondary attorneys and other hard costs. You should consider donating to this legal case if:

You have tested your own or your child’s DNA;

You plan to DNA test yourself or your child;

You have already or might in the future reach out to relatives via a DNA testing site;

You used Northwest Cryobank or California Cryobank (now one and the same);

You donated at NW Cryobank and are now forbidden to post and connect on the DSR;

You have vials stored at your cryobank, doctor's office, or clinic;

You donated, used, or were created from sperm or eggs from a cryobank or clinic — because you too might someday need legal assistance.

To donate to the Donor Sibling Registry, click here:

Or, you can send a check to:

Donor Sibling Registry
PO Box 1571
Nederland, CO 80466

The Donor Sibling Registry is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization: Federal Tax ID # 11-3703271

"I have been collaborating with the DSR over the past year on a research project designed to examine the feelings and experiences of donors, donor offspring, and their parents. I have found the DSR to be a highly professional organization run by extremely committed people. I have been amazed by the quality of the work carried out on a very small budget, and I have no doubt that any funding awarded to them would be used as effectively as possible." —Dr. Susan Golombok, University of Cambridge, UK

"I am personally so proud to have been a part in giving the DSR a small grant last year. It is one of the best awards The Open Door Fund has ever made. I wished we could have given more." —Joanne Arnold, PhD; Past Chair, Open Door Fund

You can now donate appreciated stock to the DSR. Print and fill out our form and send it to both Wendy Kramer ( and your own stock administrator so that they can transfer the stock. The value of the stock on the date it was donated to the DSR is tax-deductible. Check with your tax advisor, but you should not owe any tax on the increase in value of the stock from the original purchase price.