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Looking for half-sibling and ended up with a little brother also

Posted on 03/24/06

Back in 2001, I was a member of the SMC boards and had signed up on their registry looking for siblings - no match. I saw posts about a new donor sibling registry message board starting up. I posted on it and almost immediately had a response. The woman had a boy a year younger than mine and extra sperm vials available - all I had to do is get them shipped. My first response was no way - I'm not ready for another kid but then changed my mind before the day was up. A few months later, I was pregnant with another boy at 41 years of age! Twice we have gotten together for a few days. The boys get along great when together but do not correspond otherwise. We try to touch base every now and then with each other. I'm very happy with what we have but wouldn't mind learning of and meeting more siblings. There was another posting made last year under our donor but no contact has been made yet. I recently paid my dues and posted a new message with my e-mail address. Maybe someday I'll have another success story...