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Didn't Get to Meet My Donor, but Will Meet his Family!

Posted on 09/29/15

I'm pleased to report that, after a few months following minimal initial contact, my late donor's extended family is welcoming me with open arms. Unfortunately, my donor passed away before I had the chance to meet him, but the positive reception from his family makes things more tolerable. They're giving me the ability to know more about him so that I can learn more about myself. I've never felt more certain of who I am, or more supported. Recently, the whole family was all at his house, sorting his things, and putting together a little package for me (photos, burned discs, his books, other reading materials, etc.). I'm so touched that they all would think of me so kindly. And get this: My donor had kept a photo of a baby girl in his room, behind a snow globe, and told everyone this was his daughter (He never had any of his own children, was gay, and had never married). The family believes that the photo is of me and that I'm the only one. (I'm not sure about that. I hope I have siblings, but it's OK if not.) Incredible. I wonder how he could have gotten his hands on it. Anyway, I'll soon have the chance to confirm or deny whether it's me. What a wild ride life can be. Thank you, Wendy and Ryan, for helping me discover my donor via his listing in the first place.