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Tincture of time and essence of patience

Posted on 11/16/16

I was at work last night and I received an email from DSR. I tried not to get my hopes up. My account on DSR had been inactive for a while, as I decided to give my searching a rest. I renewed my membership and checked my message inbox and matches. I have matched with a (potential) half sibling and I couldn't be more excited! I have prayed and wished for this day for years!! We have been messaging and sharing details. Right now we are stumped and trying to figure out how our donor passed away. I hope that one day we can talk about meeting, but for now we are taking it slow. I'm excited to learn more about her! For anyone who feels sad and lost because you haven't had a match, make sure your email address is updated and don't give up hope. My match JUST learned about DSR so everyone really needs to continue to spread the word. I have always had hope that I would connect and it feels surreal...